Ceras y parafinas

Waxes, paraffins, and emulsions

We produce and market a wide range of waxes, paraffins, and emulsions for applications in various industrial sectors, where we guarantee top quality and effectiveness.

Ceras antiozonantes

Anti-ozone waxes

Aimed at the rubber sector, from tires and technical rubber to footwear.

They are specially designed to prevent ozone damage to rubber parts, preventing the appearance of cracks and aging in the final product.

Unas manos sujetan un matraz con un líquido blanco

Paraffin and synthetic emulsions

We formulate and produce different ranges of paraffin and wax emulsions as well as synthetic latex emulsions covering a wide variety of sectors and applications, ranging from the food packaging sector to the paper/cardboard, construction, textile, and particleboard sectors, among others.

Unas manos sujetan un matraz con un líquido blanco

General purpose waxes and paraffins

We offer a very wide catalog of waxes, adapted to different industries, that have undergone a special treatment at our plants. We can therefore guarantee they are top quality. 

Ceras para papel y cartón

Waxes for paper and cardboard

Special waxes for the paper and cardboard industry that act as a barrier to humidity and improve resistance. These products contain special additives that increase shine and flexibility.

Ceras polietilénicas

Polyethylene waxes

These waxes can be used in products intended for direct contact with food, as raw material for hot melt, glues, etc.

Compuestos de relleno

Compounds for cable filler and protection 

We market a wide range of compounds made from mineral and synthetic raw materials to be used as filler and protection for telecommunication, electrical, and traction cables.

Ayudas de proceso

Process aids

Products that reduce the amount of energy needed to obtain the final product by improving the output, finish, incorporation of loads and recycled materials, and more. The end result is the improved energy efficiency of the process.

Un boté de betún y un cepillo

Technical petroleum jellies

We produce petroleum jellies for industrial use that stand out for the stability of their properties and their excellent quality.

Specialized products customer service and commercial network

Our broad network of specialized products experts at our corporate headquarters in Madrid are ready to assist you place your order with the greatest ease and convenience. You can contact us through this phone number or by email:

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