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A worker at a refinery wearing safety gear and other elements.
  • Committed to an energy transition towards a low-emissions future

    We're convinced that we need a new energy model based on innovation and technology.
Antonio Bufrau
As a global company, Repsol became an active player in the energy transition long ago. As part of this process, we must evolve toward a more sustainable energy model that ensures the protection of our planet. As such, our Company continues to drive energy efficiency in all our operations and in our commitment to our core business as we further pursue low-emissions.

Antonio Bufrau Niubó
Repsol Chairman
Josu Jon Imaz
“Repsol's new growth-oriented roadmap is based on three pillars: increasing shareholder returns, growing our Upstream and Downstream businesses profitably, and developing new low-emissions businesses linked to the energy transition.” 

Josu Jon Imaz
Repsol CEO
Panorama of the Amazon forest mountain ridges.

Our mission is to be an energy company that's committed to a sustainable world