Our objective:
Net zero emissions by 2050

We are the first energy company to set this ambitious objective in line with the Paris Agreement, and we are aligning our entire value chain in order to achieve it.

Antonio Bufrau


Antonio Brufau Niubó
Repsol Chairman


As a global company, Repsol became an active player in the energy transition long ago. As part of this process, we must evolve toward a more sustainable energy model that ensures the protection of our planet. As such, our company continues to drive energy efficiency in all our operations and in our commitment to our core business as we further pursue low-emissions."


Josu Jon Imaz


Josu Jon Imaz 
Repsol CEO


“We are gearing our company strategy towards fulfilling this objective, aligning our business plans with the objectives of the energy transition and bolstering our profile as a customer-centric multi-energy provider.”


Image of the ocean at sunset

Our mission is to be an energy company committed to a sustainable world

Strategic Plan

An ambitious roadmap to accelerate the energy transition and progress towards our multi-energy commitment, to meet all the energy needs of society.