Transparent and responsible taxation

In 2023, we maintained historically high tax contribution levels

The significant tax contribution generated by our businesses and activities is borne by the Company (tax burden) and by our clients, employees, and investors (taxes collected for third parties).

€15.112 B

Total taxes paid.


Total percentage of our profit allocated to tax payments.

€6.396 B

Total environmental tax paid.

€10.466 B

Total taxes paid in Spain.


Spain as a percentage of total taxes paid.

€5.365 B

Environmental taxes paid in Spain.

Acting responsibly

The Repsol Code of Ethics and Conduct, approved by the Board of Directors of Repsol, S.A., regulates our model of behaviour in all our activities and operations beyond what is legally required.

As part of this compliance culture, we have zero tolerance for criminal offences and an obligation to prevent or mitigate the criminal risks faced by the Company. These include the prohibition of bribery of officials, including any improper payments to government entities as in the private sector, money laundering, or engaging in improper practices that may limit free competition.

We also have our own mechanisms for preventing corruption such as our Anti-Corruption policy, our crime prevention model, and our System of Internal Control over Financial Reporting.

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