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The Repsol brand

A reflection of our DNA

Our brand is a reflection of who we are, of our unique way of doing things which sets us apart. Our brand is the result of the experiences that our customers experience with us. It seeks to express the three most relevant attributes of our personality: transformative, trustworthy, and inclusive, conveying the company's values and building trust.

The essence of our origins

Our brand has evolved in parallel with the challenges we have been facing year after year on a path forged according to our vision and company culture, demonstrating Repsol's ongoing evolution. 

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A brand that keeps evolving

We launched a new Strategic Brand Plan that redefines the strategy for the Repsol brand and its expression through a new corporate identity.

To do so, we developed the elements that identify us. These elements are our way of expressing ourselves. They convey our strategy and make us visible and recognizable.

Like the logo, the rest of the elements that make up our Corporate Identity are essential in building a strong, consistent, and efficient image. Our communications are identifiable, among other things, by the use of a specific color palette, a unique font style, our own iconography, and a specific illustrative and photographic style. These visual aspects, beyond just the logo, seek to represent the values of the company. These elements make us universal, thanks to consistent brand communication.

Take a look at our brand and corporate identity in detail by visiting our Brand Center.

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Hard work pays off

Our team's commitment is backed by prestigious national and international awards. 

Our commitment to the environment, technological innovation, sustainability, transparency, and the quality of our products are some of the principles that guide our everyday work. The awards we have received throughout the years push us to continue improving.