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Industrial transformation with purpose

Creating the future of energy together.

At Repsol, we are constantly evolving towards a multi-energy company, with a clear approach to transform our businesses and areas to meet the energy needs of our society, always committed to looking after the planet. We seek professionals specializing in production engineering, maintenance, technicians, chemists, and other profiles related to exploration, production, prospecting, seismic, and machinery maintenance.

A dynamic and challenging environment, where you'll have the chance to work on large-scale projects and face exciting challenges. We want you to be part of the transformation of our company and help us to achieve the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

We are leading the energy transition and this aim forms an integral part of our strategic plan towards a decarbonized world. Work on finding innovative and sustainable solutions, driving the change towards an emissions-free economy. Join our team and be part of the energy transition!

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Renewable energies

Engineering that makes the development and research of new energy sources possible.


Data science and artificial intelligence

Data analytics, cloud computing, and AI that are revolutionizing the way we understand energy.


People and corporate services

Corporate professions that make an ambitious project possible.

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