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2018 Annual General Meeting

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04/26/18 17:35
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

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Over 4,700 good reasons to make a pit stop along the way

At our service stations, we are aware of how important caring for small things can be. Those are the things that set us apart and have enabled us to come so far: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Peru... and now also Mexico.
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Chemicals making everyday life easier

Chemicals are present in a range of everyday objects that are part of your life and make it better. They improve your safety, comfort, wellbeing, and also help you to use energy resources more efficiently.
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Repsol Lubricants, cutting-edge technology applied to our products

Everything we learn in world-class competitions is applied to our products to design lubricants that protect and prolong the life of your engine. Endorsed by top manufacturers, you'll get maximum performance and efficiency.
Carburantes para aviación

Our exclusive fuels for the aviation sector

Our aviation products are designed to always achieve the best results. Training, technical assistance, and cooperation with various institutions in the sector are just a few of the activities that complement the quality of our exclusive fuels.
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Advancing towards a Circular Economy

The objectives we defined as part of the Circular Economy strategy include operating efficiency, reducing our environmental impact, anticipating regulatory challenges, and seeking competitive alternative sources.

Different perspectives

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Do you know how many planets we use up each year?

Certain everyday habits are linked to environmentally unfriendly practices that affect the size of our carbon footprint.
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Millennials: revolutionizing the professional world

Three out of every four workers in 2025 will be part of this generation of professionals who love what they do.
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A mystery that humanity has taken 2,500 years to resolve

Go has always been the most demanding Chinese board game in the world, and today it has become a true technological paradigm.
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How are the future stars of motorcycling made?

Some are just children and others are teenagers. However, when they get on a motorcycle, nobody would think they were under 18.