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A doctor clad in OR scrubs: cap and face mask
City at night

Discover Repsol Corporate Venturing, an investment fund at the service of innovation

We will allocate our strategic investment fund, Repsol Corporate Venture, to six technology fields: Operational Reliability, Circular Economy, Advanced Mobility, Energy Diversification, New Materials, and Digital Technologies applied to exploration and production.
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

Illustration of a Repsol lubricant container

Our lubricants are formulated for the most demanding engines

Everything we learn in world-class competitions is applied to our products to design lubricants that protect and prolong the life of your engine. Endorsed by top manufacturers, you'll get maximum performance and efficiency.
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Over 4,700 good reasons to make a pit stop along the way

At our service stations, we are aware of how important caring for small things can be. Those are the things that set us apart and have enabled us to come so far: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Peru... and now also Mexico.

Different perspectives

Rafael Palomo using binoculars

Rafael Palomo: the bird photographer

What started out as a mere hobby led him to join the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/BirdLife).
Plastics in surgery

When plastics save lives

Currently, health care materials and pharmaceutical packaging are made from plastics derived from petrochemicals.
Students in Texas

A new generation with more energy

The winners of Repsol Student Innovation Awards represent a new generation of young people who are passionate about their profession and about taking care of our planet.
Close-up of Fryda, a guide dog

Fryda, a positive experience

Fryda is a future guide dog that has revolutionized the work environment at Fundación Repsol by changing the lives of those around her.