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Aerial view of a winding road next to a river surrounded by greenery. Repsol's 2020 Sustainability Plan.
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05/23/18 12:26
  • Present throughout the entire journey of energy from beginning to end

    We seek, produce, transform, and market the oil and natural gas we find knowing that we must meet current and future energy needs. That's why sustainability is a core pillar that shapes each and every one of our activities. 

Working towards a sustainable energy future

We are a global energy company committed to innovation, efficiency, and respect,
creating value in a sustainable way to advance society as a whole

Production mix
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We are present in products and materials that improve your quality of life

Different perspectives

 A black and white collage of an array of icons related to the internet, economics, and finance

Blockchain, so much more than cryptocurrency

Find out more about the technology that makes it possible to transfer property and value between two parties without a middle man.
Shot a hand drawing the outline of a robotic arm

When your coworker is a robot

Automation in the workplace doesn't necessarily mean humans are bound to be replaced. If anything, we could call it a symbiosis.
Tres personas charlando. Otra mirada Repsol

Millennials: revolutionizing the professional world

Three out of every four workers in 2025 will be part of this generation of professionals who love what they do.
Detalle del planeta tierra. Otra mirada Repsol

Do you know how many planets we use up each year?

Certain everyday habits are linked to environmentally unfriendly practices that affect the size of our carbon footprint.