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Long shot view of the Repsol Campus building at dusk
Sustainable development goals logo

Aligning with the SDGs

We work to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals such as providing affordable, clean energy (SDG 7) and taking climate action (SDG 13), which are defined in the United Nations Global Compact to build a better world.
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

Illustration of a Repsol lubricant container

Our lubricants are formulated for the most demanding engines

Everything we learn in world-class competitions is applied to our products to design lubricants that protect and prolong the life of your engine. Endorsed by top manufacturers, you'll get maximum performance and efficiency.
Ilustración de dos tubos de ensayo y átomo

We're shaping the future of Chemicals

The team at the Technology Area takes a forward-looking approach to their research, while the Technical Support and Development team works everyday with our customers, developing new products, improving their processability, and making them more sustainable.
Panoramic shot of a blue digital world map with various bright laser dots on it

Repsol and BBVA sign agreement to develop blockchain-based financial solutions

Repsol and BBVA have completed the first transaction involving a revolving credit facility using distributed ledger technology as part of a pioneering pilot project in corporate finance for the industrial sector.

Different perspectives

Close-up of a bumblebee on a flower

A refuge for bumblebees in central Madrid

Greenspaces in cities contribute to people's well-being and promote wildlife by protecting the biodiversity of different ecosystems.
Close-up of how asphalt is made in a lab

The asphalts of the future that are already on our roads

Reinventing and producing longer-lasting, safer asphalts, enabling us to use old road surfaces or pavements made from old tires.
Three young adults having a conversation

Millennials: revolutionizing the professional world

Three out of every four workers in 2025 will be part of this generation of professionals who love what they do.
World map embossed into a light gray background

Do you know how many planets we use up each year?

Certain everyday habits are linked to environmentally unfriendly practices that affect the size of our carbon footprint.