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2019 Annual General Meeting

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05/22/19 17:35
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  • Whatever type of energy you need and wherever you are, we've got you covered

View of an oil tanker

Oil & Gas Trading

Repsol is an example of a company that has gradually developed its trading activity in recent years, and aims to increase this activity in the future.
Lubricant bottle


We use the experience we've gained in top-level motorsports to bring you lubricants that protect and extend the service life of your engine.
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As abstract as it sounds, chemicals play a role in everybody's day-to-day life, helping to improve our quality of life, well-being, and safety.


Besides our specific products for each aircraft type, we also offer a comprehensive set of services that range from consulting to technical training for all the staff involved in managing and using fuels.
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Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

All you need to know about the SDGs

You've almost certainly heard of them. And lately they’re on everyone’s lips. Of course, we "have to make a serious commitment to them" and no doubt that "there’s still a lot to do." But do we really know what these letters stand for?