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Women with energy

At Repsol, we're committed to gender equality and equity with the aim to make the most of all the talent available on the market and combat inequality between men and women.

Una mujer se prepara para recargar su coche eléctrico

Bolstering our commitment to electric mobility

We are consolidating our position as a key player in electric mobility in Spain with the launch of EV-Fluids, our new lubricants range exclusively made for electric vehicles and motorcycles.

Time doesn't stand still, and neither do we

We are a global multi-energy company committed to a customer-centric approach and a net zero emissions energy model. Learn about some of our projects linked to the energy transition:
Illustration of a smart city

Bringing you the energy you need at all times


We have projects involving hydropower, onshore and offshore wind energy, and photovoltaic solar power.


We can help you make your home or business more energy efficient.


We promote shared mobility through projects like Wible.

For everyone

We produce the energy you choose for any of your mobility needs.