Governance bodies

Our commitment to sustainability is integrated into our company strategy and has the support and involvement of senior management, who define the Company's sustainability objectives, action plans, and practices. The organization's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management criteria play a pivotal role when it comes to integrating our corporate responsibility principles into all of our activities and applying them to the entire value chain. Therefore, senior management is very much involved in this whole process.

Josu Jon Imaz (Repsol CEO)

"Sustainability is firmly integrated into our structure, and it's internally managed by three committees with competencies in this area: Our Sustainability Committee, Audit and Control Committee, and Ethics and Compliance Committee." 

Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of Repsol

How our Governance System works

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Our Executive Committee, promoting Repsol's vision as a sustainable company

This committee is in charge of deploying the Sustainability Plan in all the countries where we operate. The business and management committees of our industrial complexes also pitch in to accomplish this task. These are the governance functions that it assumes:

  • Define the long-term objectives.
  • Prepare the action plans, indicators, and road maps.
  • Announce advances in objectives, indicators, and road maps.
  • Analyze the impact on our stakeholders.
  • Global company crisis management of safety, health, ethical, political, and social issues.
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Net zero emissions by 2050

We are the first energy company to take on the commitment of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.