Total compensation and benefits

We believe in an environment where people can contribute their talent and develop their full potential through training, collaboration, and exposure to different experiences. We maintain quality employment and are committed to the training of our people. We support them in their development and offer them opportunities to improve their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

A group of employees at a training

Training and continuous learning

We have a learning model that offers a wide range of resources that will help you to grow and develop professionally and personally. A model focused on you and that integrates all processes into a single environment. A collaborative space where your participation is key: contribute with your recommendations and comments or prescribe and share your own lessons. Training and learning at Repsol are a strategic part of our strategy to grow and adapt to the new challenges of a constantly evolving market.

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New ways of working

New ways of working give you the chance to learn in an environment of trust and inclusion, connect through increasingly more advanced digital environments by using collaborative tools, and develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset with a customer-focused approach. A set of tools and actions designed to promote collaboration, agility, and productivity in this dynamic environment, full of new professional challenges.

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We supoort health care and emotional well-being

Health and well-being are a priority for us, we accompany the people who work at Repsol by offering them support for the care, maintenance, and improvement of their health and well-being, both at a physical and emotional level. We offer specific programs and resources for health care, promoting self-care and encouraging healthy habits to live a balanced and healthy life in all aspects.

Physical and emotional well-being programs

We promote multiple programs to foster the health and well-being of everyone who works at Repsol.

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Physical Well-Being Program


We promote physical exercise and we have programs to combat a sedentary lifestyle, boost ergonomics, and improve nutrition, as well as manage contracts for services such as gyms and physiotherapy.


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Emotional Well-Being Program

We have a series of programs to help you manage your emotional well-being. We assess and reassess psychosocial risk factors and provide you with the tools for better managing stress, such as mindfulness and relaxation methods. We also hold talks and workshops on managing emotional well-being.

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Heart-Health Program

At Repsol, we are committed to heart health, which is why we encourage physical exercise and offer programs to combat a sedentary lifestyle, foster good nutrition, and help better manage psychosocial-work risk factors. We also monitor the main indicators by conducting health check-ups and ad hoc medical consultations.

Image of weights together with fruit, a notebook, and a measuring tape.

Other programs

We develop other programs based on creating awareness of addictive substances, cancer prevention, and above all, promoting health and well-being among all stakeholders.

Our aim is to ensure that all workers feel supported and empowered to promote their own health and well-being in all aspects of their lives.

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