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Repsol Specialized Products technical support and development department

Its fundamental mission is facilitating the use by customers of a wide array of products offered by Repsol.

Operations of the Repsol Specialized Products Technical Support and Development Division have two dimensions:

  • Pre-sales technical support, in charge of developing new products and applications in direct collaboration with customers in order to immediately detect their needs.
  • Post-sales technical support to the commercial network and clients, with the object of optimizing and improving the use of products and resolving customer problems.

Our many years of experience allow us to develop customized products for each customer, quickly and efficiently fulfilling their needs.

To support this activity, Repsol has a laboratory equipped with excellent analytical instruments and techniques that guarantee our ability to undertake developments in the field of paraffins, oils, and derived compounds.

The research and technical personnel that work in the laboratory have a vast knowledge of the final applications of each product, which allows studies to be oriented appropriately and permits the Repsol catalogue to be continually improved to meet our customers' needs.

The main activities of the laboratory are:

  • Development and fine-tuning of suitable methods for evaluating products such as: emulsions, cable compounds, cardboard and paper coatings, products for rubber application, etc.
  • Optimization of existing products through simulation or analytical techniques so that they are better adapted to the final process/product.
  • Technical support to Repsol customers and industrial plants.
  • Periodic quality control of specialized products.
  • Support for knowledge management in projects with universities and supervision of document searches to make the most of possibilities to develop Repsol products.

Likewise, one of the fundamental activities of the TS+D Division is participation in R+D projects, in close collaboration with the Repsol Technology Center, from which all long-term projects for designing processes and new materials are guided.

Finally, another principle to which the TS+D is committed is providing training directed toward special applications with customers and participating in informative technical and commercial forums and congresses.