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  • Why Repsol?

    Because of our flexible work environment. Diversity. Teamwork. Our vision. And yours. Transformational ideas. Our challenging projects. Working in an international environment. Innovation. Because of all this and much more.

10 reasons to work at Repsol

We have briefly introduced ourselves as a company. Now that you know more about us, we are going to give you 10 reasons to work with us.

Professional challenges
Professional development
Training and learning
Pride of belonging
Good work climate

#1 Professional challenges

Due to our position as an integrated energy company, our employees have the possibility of working in different challenging projects throughout their career path. We encourage them to apply their knowledge and skills and use technology to create innovative solutions in a climate based on teamwork.

#2 Teamwork

In order to achieve common objectives, we promote motivation and collaboration within the work teams by strengthening diversity of perspectives and, therefore, by increasing innovation. This ensures the development of both the people and the team.

#3 Professional development

We are committed to a continuous learning process that covers the Company's needs, takes into account each person's interests and motivations, and responds to the changing environment.

#4 Mobility

It's important for employees to internalize the corporate culture as it plays a key role in their growth and professional development. Mobility allows us to evolve professionally and aligns the Company's needs with those of our employees.

#5 Training and learning

We offer learning opportunities, both in technical and general profiles, in order to be more competitive in the performance of our duties, drive our development, and contribute to achieving business objectives based on our culture and identity.

#6 Performance

We have evaluation systems that allow us to continuously measure performance. This enables our team to be aware of the results of their work and the Company can always find the most qualified people, always in accordance with their needs, with the necessary profile and capabilities to propose that they assume functions with greater responsibility.
Pride of belonging

#7 Pride of belonging

Since 2003 we regularly conduct a work climate survey which allows us to find out employees' opinion of different aspects of the Company, from the operation of the organization to the business plan, including recognition, communication, etc.
In 2015, 87% of employees affirmed that they were proud to form part of Repsol.

#8 Innovation

We believe that innovation drives change and is a basic pillar on which to build a new energy model.
Good work climate

#9 Good work climate

Our team enjoys a unique climate at their workplace. At Repsol we offer our employees the opportunity to develop their professional career in a positive environment based on teamwork.

#10 Compensation

Our compensation systems are aimed at facilitating the attraction, retention, motivation, and commitment of talent. This objective is achieved by offering competitive and responsible remuneration in line with internal equality. We recognize the contribution of talent and the achievement of objectives according to our values.

Repsol in figures

Here is an overview of Repsol along with our main figures so you can get to know us better.
  • Diversity
    Boasting a workforce of more than 25,000 employees hailing from 84 countries gives our company a competitive advantage
  • Energy challenge
    Our goal is to meet our generation's needs without compromising those of future generations.
  • Global company
    The collaborative leadership of our entire team, based across 37 countries, has established us as a global energy company.
  • Innovation
    This is the basis of improvement. We have worked proactively on 900 challenging projects
  • Different perspectives

Mujeres científicas

Scientists at the RTC

Meet Mari Paz, Claudia, and Raquel, three of the more than 90 female scientists at the Repsol Technology Center, inspiring girls everywhere with dreams of a career in science.

Women moving toward employment

A program aimed at supporting to women who have been victims of gender-based violence by helping them look for work and get back into the job market.
Dolores Campillos

María Dolores Campillos: “We must recognize women for their true worth”

María Dolores Campillos is the Lubricants and Specialized Products and Logistics Manager at the Puertollano refinery.
A guide dog at Repsol

A guide dog at Repsol

Brilyn, also known as Bri, is a golden retriever trained to take her owner, Patricia, everywhere. Learn about their daily lives at Repsol.