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Avgas 100 LL


The most widely used aviation gasoline

The product safety sheets of the Avgas 100 LL are available to customers by sending a request to aviacion@repsol.com


Repsol has developed a line of products specifically for the aviation industry. Avgas 100LL has been developed especially to respond to the needs of the aviation sector. It is ideal for explosion engines, and one of its most outstanding qualities is its adaptation to different temperatures and pressures, thus providing greater safety both on the ground and in the air.  
It is a fuel for piston engines, it's blue, it's average density is 8.35 lb/US gallon (0.7 kg/L), and flammable at ambient temperature in the presence of a flame or spark.
In addition, Avgas 100 LL contains a complex mixture of volatile hydrocarbons that contain paraffin, naphthenic, olefinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with carbon chains between four and 12 carbon atoms (C4 and C12). 


Avgas 100 LL is the world's most-used aviation gasoline due to its knock-resistant characteristics (100 octane) and its low lead content.
All aviation products must comply with the following directives: 
  • They must be reliable, as an aircraft engine cannot stall while in the air, which is why aviation engines are designed to work under extreme conditions during flight.
  • It's very important that products weigh as little as possibleto allow the aircraft using our fuel to carry greater amounts of weight.
  • Our product's power is its hallmark , and it must be the way to provide an aircraft with the optimum impulse.
  • The the size must be kept to a minimum as well as the weight, so as to avoid creating large surfaces of aerodynamic drag.
  • Using Maintenance is easy, due to having few elements.
  • And lastly, it's important to maintain efficiency. The engine must achieve maximum operating hours with little fuel.


The aviation gasoline we sell is not made in Spain, so we must import it from the refineries that produce it in Europe or the United States. 
During the entire fuel manufacturing, transport and storage process, we verify that the product meets the optimum conditions for subsequent use.
Throughout the process, we ensure the quality of the product using continuous solid particle filtrationto guarantee a fuel with a high level of purity, which fulfills our main objective: maintaining the quality of the Avgas 100 LL.
Meanwhile, if an investigation is undertaken (due to an accident, for example), we must be able to provide the corresponding authorities with the largest amount of information possible on the source and certification of the gasoline that was supplied to the aircraft.
At Repsol, we apply strict standards and continuously strive to guarantee our customers receive gasoline in perfect condition, that is, a product they can trust.


Avgas 100 LL in drums is more than just a fuel. It is a product created to be easy to use and handle, offering the customer a series of services, such as personalized attention, flexibility, technical assistance, etc. These services, along with the product’s quality guarantee, provide you with convenience, savings, and freedom of movement. Repsol also takes care of the environment by treating the drum after its use.
JET A-1 will make your life easier, and here's how:
  • We transport the drums to wherever you need them, the flexibility of the process is fantastic.
  • We reduce costs by eliminating transport, access and filling fees, and airport access insurance, which means we offer very economic prices.
  • We're efficient in all our activities. The proof in this is that facilities will not depend on airport supply windows.
  • We provide single-use drums, sealed, specific for aviation, approved, certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and guaranteed by Repsol. Long-lasting. 
  • Our drums have an expiry date of one year from filling for both products.
  • Respect. Respectful of the environment. We have a service for collecting drums directly from the facilities. For orders of more than eight drums, the used drums are collected to then be processed as waste. And at no additional cost.
  • We make storage easier, by not requiring any maintenance provided they are sealed.
  • Technical advantages. We offer technical assistance, training courses, advice on accessories and technical instructions for handling drums.
Accessories recommended for optimal performance of your turbines
  • Manual transfer pump with own consumption meter, filter, hose, and aviation nozzle.
  • 12-24 v electrical transfer pump with own consumption meter, filter, hose, and aviation nozzle.
  • Drum holders.
  • Drum trucks.
  • Drum tanks.
  • Anti-spillage material.
Our recommendations do not necessarily have to be supplied by Repsol. If you would like more information about this topic Commercial and order service. You can also send us an e-mail to aviacion@repsol.com or call us at 901 101 101. If you still have questions, here you can find the basic instructions for supplying fuel to aircraft with drums in private facilities.