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Control your energy consumption at all times

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Welcome to your new electricity and natural gas Customer Area

Vivit is the new app for electricity and natural gas customers, all the related information in one place.

Your consumption and that of your household appliances

Access at all times your electricity consumption in euros per day and hour, without waiting for your bill, and discover the consumption of each of your household appliances.

Your bill in detail

We explain in detail both the variable amount and the fixed amount, added services, meter rental, and taxes. You'll also be able to see and download all the bills whenever you need them.

Accumulate surplus and compare month to month

Accumulate surplus through the virtual battery to subsequently deduct it in your bills. Choose similar periods of time and check your consumption at a glance.

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Electricity and natural gas: electricity and gas for your everyday life

All the energy you need in one place.

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