Our Trading offices

Oficina de Madrid

The Repsol Trading HQ are located in Spain (Madrid). From our main premises we operate most of our trading activities and support our abroad offices in Houston, Singapore and Lima.

Singapore Office

Our company has always taken the approach of dealing all products worldwide and from a global perspective. On the fuel side, Repsol is active in the main hubs, being Singapore the largest one. We are fully integrated in the whole chain of value, trying to reach the final consumer. Singapore team is a talented and capable group committed to Repsol performance and values. In the oil products side, Repsol Trading Singapore has a long experience adding value to different customer and end-users in Asia. We use arbitrage opportunities to trade without price risk using different types of instruments from exchanges or over-the-counter contracts. We are mainly focused in lpg, naphtha and petrochemical products. Furthermore, Repsol is commited to become a net zero emissions company by 2050. Repsol Trading Singapore Pte Ltd supports this target being an important supplier of sustainable biofuels and feedstocks.

Houston Office

From our Houston office, Repsol Trading USA manages our trading activity in the AMERICAS region. We have a growing presence in the region, with more than 35 high qualified professionals working as a team. Repsol trades crude oil, a wide range of petroleum products, and manages chartering and logistics operations. We manage our upstream and downstream positions in the region, while creating trading opportunities based on assets, partnerships with third parties, and taking advantage of our global presence and excellent coordination and communication with our colleagues in Madrid, Lima and Singapore.

Casablanca Office

Twin Center
Boulevards Zerktouni et Al Massira, Tour Ouest, 8e étage
Casablanca 20104

Alfonso Turégano Fuentes Originator for EMEA Telf. +34 619228394 atureganof@repsol.com

Our subsidiaries

Repsol Trading S.A.
Repsol Trading USA Corporation
Repsol Trading Singapore PTE LTD
Repsol Trading Perú S.A.C.
Repsol LNG Holding S.A.
Repsol Energy Canada LTD
Repsol Energy North America Corporation