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Our architecture reflects our work philosophy

A way of working and experiencing the Repsol culture: through shared values that are recognizable all over the world

Luces y sombras en la noche

Innovative and forward-looking solutions

Our open innovation and collaborative research network model is an engine of change that leads to creating more efficient products and developing the energy of the future.

Caring for everything that surrounds us

This is a non-negotiable value which exists at all of our workplaces. In addition to respecting the environment, we follow the most stringent safety requirements in order to guarantee the well-being of our staff.

Socially committed

Our buildings are 100% accessible to facilitate inclusiveness in the workplace.

An enjoyable place to work

Our facilities feature open and flexible spaces that enable us to take on challenges in a balanced, safe, and sustainable way.

Creativity and technology, our driving forces

At Repsol, we work hand-in-hand with the latest technology. This is how we define our offices: places oriented toward creativity and collaboration. Technology and innovation work in our favor, promoting modern work models that make us more efficient.
Campus: a collaborative work environment

Campus: a collaborative work environment

Our corporate headquarters is located in Spain and reflects our way of working. It's a shared space where around 4,000 people are able to openly and directly exchange ideas today in order to build a better energy future for tomorrow.
  • A unique experience in a global environment

    With a global presence in 35 countries, our main work centers are located in Houston and Calgary, as well as in other countries such as Peru and Ecuador.
RTL Spain

Repsol Techonology Lab, the heart of the company's innovation

Innovation is the key to finding energy solutions that are sustainable, safe, and efficient. It is the driving force that enables us to take on different challenges and projects with creativity and enthusiasm.  

The Repsol Technology Lab is one of the leading technological facilities in Europe, where more than 200 researchers work in Móstoles, Spain.

Industrial complexes

Repsol has five industrial complexes in Spain and one in Peru. All six are considered efficiency and sustainability benchmarks, equipped with the facilities to work with various types of crude oil, ranging from the lightest to the heaviest. What's more, the Chemical Industrial Complex in Sines, Portugal contributes an added value to our positioning in the international market.
  • Spain
    Industrial complexes Spain


    In Spain we work with an integrated and interconnected system in which our five industrial facilities operate as one. We have an unrivalled logistical advantage and access to the most important European distribution points.
  • Peru
    Complejos industriales Perú


    La Pampilla has become a leader in the South American market thanks to our model based on energy efficiency in refining, respect for the environment, and safety.
  • Portugal


    The Sines Industrial Complex is among the most advanced petrochemical complexes in Europe, mainly due to the efficiency of its processes and the continuous innovation in its projects.