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Committed to safety, innovation, people, and the environment

At Repsol, we work to bring society the highest-quality infrastructures that are also environmentally friendly. That's why we devote the entirety of our potential for innovation to developing green solutions in the asphalt industry.

Safe and more durable roads

Designed to improve performance

Eco-efficiency driving development

Waterproofing as a business guarantee


From left to right.: Jose Pablo Sánchez Najar, Francisco Jose Lucas Ochoa, and Francisco Guisado Mateo

Debate on the safety and sustainability of asphalts

Alongside Safety and Environemt (S&E), the Asphalts Technical Support, Business Development, and Sales departments held a Technical Conference in the Provincial Council of Jaen to discuss asphalts, bitumen safety, and sustainable roads.

Innovating to provide the solutions your business needs

Repsol's asphalts laboratory is fully equipped for testing bituminous mixtures. This enables us to verify the suitability of our products under service conditions.

Adapting to meet every need

Innovation runs through our products long after their manufacture, as it is also key to storing and transporting them properly. We therefore offer a range of options: bulk, drums, pellets, bitucontainers, bitubags, and IBCs.
Smiling Repsol employee

New horizons for asphalt

Scientists at the Repsol Technology Center work on every aspect related to our business, including improving and optimizing asphalts. We have created projects that have resulted in more efficient asphalts that last longer, and we can recycle them to make using this scarce resource more sustainable.

Technical support

Pre-sales and post-sales support, and during the execution of the projects.
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Customer service

Let us know if there are any questions or suggestions you may have.

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