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The way to a decarbonised future

Our aim is to satisfy the growing demand for energy and products by maximizing our contribution to sustainable  development, in order to meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations, with a  commitment to become a net-zero emissions company by 2050 in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. To achieve this, we have set a demanding roadmap that includes ambitious targets.

In order to monitor the company's evolution towards a more decarbonized future, we have developed a Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), which enables us to define reduction objectives, support strategic and investment decision-making, and monitor the progress.

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Net zero emissions commitment

We are the first company in the sector to set ourselves the goal of net zero emissions by 2050, and we are committed every day to taking firm steps towards decarbonization.

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Water: A key element in energy production and management

We contribute to the SDGs and sustainability in our facilities with projects such as the Repsol Water Tool (RWT).

Our own tool that allows us to obtain a detailed view of the management of this natural resource.

Based on its results, we identify aspects to improve and design specific actions to achieve excellence in their management.

"Energy Intelligence is a specialized, dedicated, and professional team with a deep understanding of the energy world. For this reason, their recognition of our efforts in the energy transition is a source of pride and motivation in our transformation journey towards a decarbonized world."

Antonio López Rodríguez
Senior Manager for Energy Transition and Climate Change at Repsol

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