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Our Sustainability Plan for 2017
  • Our challenge

    To satisfy growing energy demands without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. We contribute to sustainable development by only using the necessary resources and keeping our impact on the surrounding environment to a minimum.
  • Environment

  • Proa de una barca de madera sobre río azul
    Climate change
  • Trabajador con casco anotando datos en refinería


  • Ethics and transparency
  • Reflejo de anochecer sobre los cristales del edificio de Campus
    Responsible tax management
  • Human rights

  • Communities and shared value
  • Employees

Our decision-making processes take into account environmental and social issues

The Repsol model
Governance bodies
Initiatives and memberships

The Repsol model

Sustainability is an important part of our company strategy: every year we publish sustainability plans that allow us to achieve our long-term objectives.

A sum of commitments

We rely on senior management's collaboration and a sustainability committee that keeps the Board of Directors informed about relations with different stakeholders, as well as the company's objectives, action plans, and sustainability practices.

True to our action principles

Our sustainability model is built upon a set of policies that we have developed over more than a decade.

Our initiatives and memberships

We actively participate in international forums and are members of various organizations and associations dedicated to sustainability.

Our success stories

See the ways that we have actually made a contribution to sustainable development.

Our contribution to sustainable development

  • Millones de euros es la cantidad a la que asciende la inversión social de Repsol
    357 mill.
    Euros invested in actions to reduce our impact with a total of €500M pledged for 2020
  • 4.3 mill.
    tons of CO2 cut between 2006 and 2016
  • 8
    facilities and one multi-center business certified with standard ISO50001