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  • Our commitment to sustainability, guided by senior management

Antonio Brufau, chairman of Repsol, in his yearbook photo.

Antonio Brufau, Repsol Chairman

"We are working to find solutions to growing energy demands in a responsable and sustainable way."
Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of Repsol, after sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar.

Josu Jon Imaz, Repsol CEO

"We have a firm and continuous commitment to sustainability as an essential pillar for generating value today and in the future."

Working to create a more sustainable future

Climate change
Human rights
Communities and shared value
Responsible tax policy
Ethics and transparency
Shot of Earth from outer space

Climate change

We are committed to the goal of contributing to limiting global temperature increases to 2ºC and we aim to reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by 1.9 million tons between 2014 and 2020.
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We believe in the effectiveness of the Circular Economy and in our activities we consume only the resources that are absolutely necessary to generate energy more efficiently and keep our impact to a minimum.
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Human rights

We ensure human rights are respected in all of our activities and in every one of our commercial partnerships.
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Communities and shared value

We work to build solid relationships with the communities we are involved with, based on mutual respect and recognition, trust, inclusive dialog, and ultimately the creation of shared value.
Worker wearing protective gear at a refinery with pipelines behind him


Each and every decision we make seeks to guarantee the safety of our employees, clients, users, and suppliers. We firmly believe that all accidents can be avoided and to achieve this goal we place special emphasis on our people, installations, and processes.
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Responsible tax policy

We manage our tax affairs in accordance with the best tax practices and act with full transparency, responsibility, and efficiency. We also promote cooperative relationships with governments in the countries where we operate.
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Ethics and transparency

We perform our activities ethically and responsibly, reporting on everything we do in an honest, clear, and verifiable way.
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We are proud of our team's diversity, expertise, and commitment. We believe in people's talent and providing training and flexibility in the workplace.
  • Our contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

    The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to take measures to end poverty, protect the planet, and guarantee that everybody can live in peace and prosperity. In 2015, the UN approved a new agenda for sustainable development with 17 goals for 2030.
    Logo of the Sustainable Development Goals: 17 goals to transform our world.
  • Learn about our commitment to sustainabilty and our achievements

Shot of an oil rig during the day

Our sustainability model reflects our commitment

Our commitment to sustainability is based on six core elements: ethics and transparency, people, safe operations, resource and impact management, fighting climate change, and technology and innovation.
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Ethics, environment, and society

Our policies are based on international standards and best practices. These help us to incorporate ethical, environmental, and social questions into decision-making processes.
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Working to be more transparent to society

We publish information about our activities in order to create a sense of clarity, transparency, and traceability, which is reflected in our reports.
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Find out where we stand in external sustainability rankings

Our inclusion and evaluation in sustainability indexes and ratings reflect the quality of our Company's management and governance.