Tax contribution

In 2023, we paid €41 million in taxes every day.

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Committed to best practices

The publication of the Fiscal Contribution Report is an example of our commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility. Furthermore, we were the first Spanish company to make public a country-by-country report on a voluntary basis, acting ahead of best practices since 2018.

Our Company's tax contribution by country

Our tax contribution is aligned with value creation

We apply the arm's length principle (valuation based on market criteria) in all intra-group transactions, according to the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and the respective local regulations.

We have an internal procedure to ensure that all intra-group transactions are carried out in accordance with market standards, in compliance with current transfer pricing regulations.

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Effectively managing our tax obligations

At Repsol, we effectively manage our costs and tax benefits to make sure we comply with our tax obligations without hindering the creation of value for our shareholders. 

This management model supports the development of our operations and business models by respecting the law in its totality, bearing in mind the global interests of the Company and avoiding significant tax risks.

Applying transparent and general tax breaks

We promote a tax framework that stimulates the energy transition by granting incentives in a context of technological neutrality, available to all taxpayers on equal terms and without limitations that hinder the development of certain alternatives in favor of others.

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