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Going beyond fuel supply to offer a more comprehensive service

Our services also include training, technical support, collaboration with institutions involved in the world of aviation, as well as supporting foundations.
Vista desde el suelo de la parte de abajo de un avión de pasajeros

Maximum horsepower

Una avioneta posada en tierra

Specially designed for combustion engines

Dos aviones de combate en el aire

Our military jet fuel

Repsol fuels, the perfect combination of flight experience and efficiency

The Repsol difference

There are not only chemical ingredients in an aviation fuel, we do so much more in order to always achieve the best results
  • Aviation training

    Repsol Training

    Designed for all staff handling aviation fuel as well as mechanics and pilots.
  • Una máquina realiza la carga de combustible de un avión

    Into-plane services

    Fuel storage and supply at airports. Find out more about the different ways we do it.
  • Asistencia técnica

    Technical support

    Rest assured that your business' flights are in the hands of our top-quality, experienced team.
  • Dos operarios en tierra inspeccionan el tren de aterrizaje de un avión


    Highly flammable fuels mean our safety measures are even stricter than normal.
  • Unas manos sostienen un trozo de tierra en el que ha crecido una pequeña planta

    Innovation and environment

    As Velcon's partner in Europe we are developing a device to guarantee fuel purity.
  • Vista de una mano sujetando un bolígrafo mientras firma un documento

    Quality and certifications

    Our Aviation business has ISO 9001 certification to sell fuels in Spain and Portugal.
  • Feature

Imagen del nuevo Dispenser

SLCA launches Europe’s most innovative electric dispenser in Madrid-Barajas airport

SLCA, in which Repsol and BP hold a 50% stake for into-plane fuel services at airports across Spain, has launched Europe’s most innovative electric dispenser at the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport.

Developed by SLCA with its technology partners in Spain, this is an innovative, emission-free electric vehicle that improves the air quality in the supply area as well as removing noise pollution. It is the first of its kind to be developed on a fully electric chassis.

The new dispenser is also smaller than the regular kind. This makes it easier to maneuver and means that it takes up less space around the aircraft, without compromising on functionality. It also improves transit with other handling vehicles, maximizing collaboration during the technical stopover and facilitating aircraft turnover.

It also has a self-charging photovoltaic system and a high level of autonomy, with short recharging times, maximizing the system’s availability. Smart ergonomics means that there is no need for stepladders thanks to its lower height (1.9 meters), meaning that it can fit under a B737 plane.

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