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What's the shareholders community?

Created by and for shareholders, this community is an exclusive meeting place for all of our shareholders. It is based on three fundamental pillars: information, participation, and advantages.

Sign up for Repsol en Acción, and in a few days you'll be automatically sent your Repsol Más Travel shareholder card to your address. For your comfort, this will be the only card you'll need as you can keep using it even if you change categories (Shareholder One, Plus, Platinum, or Premium depending on the number of shares you hold). Start enjoying all the benefits that come with being part of our community..

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    Get access to company information and learn about all of our initiatives.
Accionistas magazine covers

Accionistas magazine

This magazine for the Repsol en Acción community is a communication channel where we will tell you all about the Company's latest news.
Repsol flags waving in the wind. Shareholders Guide

Shareholder's Guide

Get to know Repsol's main figures and the advantages you can enjoy as a shareholder. In this Shareholders Guide, you will find a summary of the most important events for the Company over the past year.
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We have the energy you need at every moment of your day


We have solar, hydraulic, wind, and offshore wind energy projects.


We help you to make the energy consumption at your home or office more efficient.


We encourage shared mobility through projects like Wible.

For everyone

We produce the energy you need to get around, whether it be electric, autogas, or another.