Asfaltos gama Isolate

Emulsions and modified emulsions

Its main application is to facilitate bonding between the layers that make up a road surface.


In both the Spanish and international markets, we market two types of products: Redaspol and special emulsions.

The selection of an excellent quality raw material and the technological breakthroughs of a global company like Repsol are the perfect combination to make progress in the development of industrial asphalts. 


Properties and applications

The product range we market internationally are classified into two lines:

  • Redaspol: A bitumen specifically formulated to produce polymeric waterproofing sheets in combination with rubber.
  • Special emulsions: Emulsions for priming and sealing surfaces, as well as for manufacturing other waterproofing products. These emulsions are designed in accordance with the customer’s specific needs.

Some of the applications of these products are as follow:

  • Asphalt sheets for waterproofing
  • Bituminous waterproofing systems
  • Acoustic insulation for the automotive industry 
  • Mortars for waterproofing and industrial pavement 
  • Bituminous paints and fillers
  • Joint sealant
  • Pipe coating
  • Industrial bituminous emulsions 
  • Other applications: waste treatment, waterproofing of construction elements, adhesives, dune stabilization, crop protection, etc