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  • The Repsol Trading Bunker Desk

All of our deliveries are efficient, flexible, and meet the highest quality standards.

Offering a top quality, efficient, and flexible delivery service is not only about meeting our customers' demands, it is about doing things properly. This dictates the way we run our deliveries with all the bunker grades we deal with.
  • RMG 180 HS
    Marine Fuel Oil
  • RMG 380 HS
    Marine Fuel Oil
  • RMG 380 LS
    Marine Fuel Oil
  • RMG 180 LS
    Marine Fuel Oil
  • DMA LS
    Marine Gasoil
  • LNG


Ports and products

Where do we supply to? What are our methods? Which fuel types? Everything you need to know.

Terms of sale

Safety and transparency come first. See our terms of sale and download them for future use.

Barge guide

We have four barges in Spain and one in Peru. Each one has different capacities so that we can adapt to meet your needs.
  • 14,402 MT


    Maximum Deadweight capacity of our barge in Peru.
  • 500/200 


    Simultaneous pumping rate in Algeciras.
  • Barges

    Valencia, Barcelona, Gijón, and Algeciras in Spain, and Callao in Peru.