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    • Share price information

      Use this dynamic tool to see changes in Repsol's share price over time.

    Repsol en Acción

    Enjoy lots of advantages just for being a member of our Shareholders Community. This space was created with you the shareholder in mind, offering you lots of advantages and information on Repsol.

    All economic and financial information delivered with full transparency

    We strive to provide fully transparent economic and financial information.
    • Repsol as an investment

      Repsol as an investment

      Global, integrated, and present throughout the entire value chain. These are just some of the reasons that make us as an attractive company.
    • Financial information

      Financial information

      Our financial strength and transparency are clearly demonstrated in our company's annual statements and reports, as well as the quarterly results and main figures that we publish.
    • Main figures
      Principales Magnitudes

      Main figures

      Take a look at Repsol's Factbook 2015 summarizing the most relevant information and figures from Repsol's reports. This summary makes it easier for you to understand the company's financial soundness.

    Analyst ratings

    Find out about call, sale, or holding options of Repsol shares with the help of experts. We give you the details of our fixed income analysts who analyze the Group's companies and issues.

    Fixed income and ratings

    Staying true to our commitment to transparent communication, we bring you all the information on debt and how it's changing over time. Here you'll also find the total debt ratio and bond rates.

    Socially Responsible Investor

    We are one of the major international energy companies with the highest percentage of socially responsible investors in our shareholding structure.

    Corporate governance

    We make our decisions based on our good governance model which is followed by the entire Group and stays true to the principles of transparency and responsibility.
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