Refueling station for renewable fuels at a service station

Key factor for emissions reduction

A road in a forested area

What are renewable fuels?

These are liquid fuels made from organic wastes, such as used cooking oil, and can also be produced from hydrogen.

Furthermore, they are already available for use in existing vehicles, using existing distribution and refueling infrastructures.

Road in a forest with a mountain range in the background
Close-up of Repsol renewable fuels
Repsol technician with renewable fuels in the laboratory

The role of renewable fuels in the mobility of today and tomorrow

A real and effective solution to advance decarbonization objectives in all sectors.

They can be used for aviation, maritime, or heavy road transport.

Available for current vehicles with combustion engines. 

An organic energy source

In the production of biofuels, the concepts of biomass and bioenergy play a key role. Find out more about them and how organic material can be reused to generate heat, electricity, and renewable fuels.