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Repsol on the stock exchange

Shareholder structure

Charts showing Repsol's institutional shareholder structure
Shareholder structure % of Capital
Significant shareholdings 18.46%
Sacyr 7.87%
BlackRock 4.63%
CaixaBank 3.58%
Temasek 2.38%
Other 81.54%
TOTAL 100%

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Data shown is drawn from the latest information published

(1) Percentage (%) amount as of the date the document was drawn up based on the information provided by Iberclear as well as the information submitted by the Company's shareholders and the CNMV.
(2) The information related to BlackRock, Inc. is based on the notification submitted by said entity to the CNMV on August 2nd, 2018 communicating a share capital of 1,596,173,736 shares.