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In our Strategic Plan, we took on these ambitious challenges by evolving towards a customer-centric, multi-energy company that's committed to digitalization, innovation, strategic talent management, and new ways of working.

Employees at work

Discover our digital product methodology and how we're working

The Digital Product Factory is the space where Repsol's digital products are created.

It's where the best product design practices are applied and innovative technologies are adopted.

Always based on the foundations of solid operation.

Digitalization in the energy business

At Repsol, digitalization is a lever that contributes to sustainability, reducing emissions, and advancing decarbonization. We rely on various technology solutions such as big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, RPA, omnichannel, robotization, and blockchain, which help our professionals design new digital products and service that directly benefit our customers.

A cross-cutting transformation

We continue to innovate in our business units by becoming more efficient and sustainable. We're also closer to our customers with new experiences aimed at a single digital customer to which we deliver customized offers adapted to its needs.

Using agile methodologies to be able to develop these projects quickly and repeat them while contrasting their use and consumption within the market.


Predictive algorithms and smart sensors to monitor seismic activity and optimize drilling safety.

Cloud-based global information for greater collaboration, improved connections, and improved safety and efficiency.


Software to control every logistical element at oil rigs.

Artificial Intelligence to manage operations and improve safety.


Advanced predicting models to plan raw material extraction and keep our equipment in working order.

Automation to achieve higher-quality products.

Vertical geolocalization systems to ease maintenance work at our industrial complexes and encourage mobility.

Appification and the Cloud: Migrating our IT infrastructures to new cloud architecture, and APIs that achieve the necessary rhythm to implement new solutions.


Trucks and boats equipped with sensors and IoT to ensure full safety and control over transported materials and to monitor deliveries.

Artificial Intelligence and appification to connect the entire logistics chain.


Smart sensors and advanced mathematical algorithms to obtain predictive information about product orders.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automate operations at service stations.

Big Data and integration with partners like Amazon, El Corte Inglés…


Appification and omnichannel strategies.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve our relationship with our customers.

Encouraging new types of mobility.

Home automation systems.

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LinkedIn Repsol Digital 

On our Repsol Digital LinkedIn page, we introduce our digitalization experts and unveil our most interesting initiatives.

Do you want to be part of this change?

Our transformation depends on lots of people, and you can be part of it. We're expanding our digital team, incorporating new talent, defining new roles, and transforming our cross-company style of working in multidisciplinary teams.