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An integrated energy company

Repsol is one of the top companies in the oil and gas industry. We are present across the entire value chain: exploration and production, transformation, development, and marketing of energy that is efficient, sustainable, and competitive for millions of people.
  • Countries
    A global company
    We market our products across 87 countries and operate in 37 of them, making us a world-renowned energy company.
  • People
    At year-end 2016, we boasted a diverse and multidisciplinary team comprising over 24,000 people representing 84 nationalities.
  • Millions
    In the last four years, we have invested over 350 million euros in seeking new ways to generate sustainable and efficient energy.
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    Financial strength
    Net income in 2016 amounted to €1.738 billion euros, while the cash flow obtained enabled us to reduce our net debt compared to 2015.

Upstream: talent, cutting-edge technology, and diversification

Our balanced, high-quality asset portfolio focuses on three key regions: North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Invested in gas
Net reserves
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Gas at the core of our operations

Gas now takes up 65% of our asset portfolio.


Upstream's average hydrocarbon production rose by 23%, equivalent to more than 700,000 barrels of oil per day.


We boast a balanced, high-quality asset portfolio that focuses on three key regions: North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.
Net reserves

Net reserves

Our net proved reserves amount to 2.382 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

Leaders in Downstream

This business encompasses the supply and trade of crude oils and products, oil refining, marketing of oil products, as well as the production and marketing of petrochemical products.
Strategic plan

Strategic Plan

Our plan guarantees strength and the ability to create value in any given circumstance, through efficiency and active portfolio management.
Energy and innovation

Energy and innovation

We are ready to maintain a leading role as a provider of efficient, sustainable, and competitive energy solutions for society.

Our Chemicals business

Our Chemicals business

Our Chemicals business is the market leader on the Iberian Peninsula, and it produces and markets a wide range of products in more than 95 countries.
Differentiated, high-quality products

Strategy and sector

At Repsol, we market our high-quality range of products through an extensive service station network and commercial distributors.
  • 2016-2020 Strategic Plan: Value and Resilience

    Our roadmap for the long-term creation of value and consolidation as a stronger, leaner, and more competitive company.

    Based on Repsol's proven ability to create value from management efficiency, the plan will enable us to maintain our credit ratings and attractive shareholder returns even with low oil prices.

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Repsol, among the 25 largest oil and gas specialized companies in 2017

With over 80 years of experience, Repsol has been present in the entire oil and gas value chain in a sustainable and competitive way. As a result, Forbes positioned us 14th in the ranking of "The 25 largest oil and gas specialized companies in 2017." 

As we are a global, integrated company operating in 37 countries, we also ranked 240th on the list of "The largest companies in the world in 2017" and 5th among "The ten companies with the best corporate reputation in Spain," according to Forbes.