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We are multienergy

Our presence throughout the value chain and our commitment to developing new, low-emissions energy solutions are what make us the comprehensive multi-energy supplier we strive to be.
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A global company

We operate in 35 countries and market our products in over 90 of them.
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We have launched over 120 initiatives to promote a circular economy.
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2.5 billion in low-emissions businesses from 2018 -2020.
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We are a team comprising over 25,000 people representing 83 nationalities.

Delivering the energy solutions you need in your everyday life

The keys to our business:
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Exploring and producing oil and natural gas

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Focused on gas

Gas accounts for 73% of our reserves and 63% of our production.
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We are a growing business operating in strategic areas like North America, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
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Exploration successes

The large-scale projects we are engaged in worldwide enable us to yield an output of 715 thousand barrels per day.
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Transporting, refining, producing, and marketing products all for you

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Outstanding complexes

Our refining capacity exceeding one million barrels per day makes our industrial complexes some of the most efficient across Europe.
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New businesses and markets

We distribute products across more than 90 countries. With our recent entrance into the Mexican market, we now have 4,849 stations services worldwide.
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One step ahead

Incorporating electricity and gas into our product portfolio enables us to offer global energy solutions that satisfy society's needs.
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    One of the top 25 oil and gas companies

    With over 90 years of experience, we rank 14 among the "25 Biggest Oil & Gas Companies" and 240 among the "World's Biggest Public Companies in 2017."
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    Worldwide presence

    We are are internationally renowned as leaders in the energy industry. Our worldwide presence is based on our efficient and mindful way of working which focuses on value creation.