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A transformative Foundation

Repsol Foundation is an example of our firm commitment to society to respond to the global challenge of sustainability and the energy transition. Its strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, the Agenda 2030, and the Paris Agreement.

Entrepreneurs Fund

For more than 13 years we have been accelerating startups that provide innovative technological solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition.






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public and private financing

Repsol Volunteering in numbers

Repsol Volunteers respond to the challenges and needs of society through different projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Repsol volunteers

Brought together by the same concerns and desire to transform society.



Where we have generated a visible positive impact.



Have benefited from the different actions carried out.


Trees planted

Contributing to ecosystem recovery.

Knowledge and education

We bring all citizens closer to expert, objective, and rigorous knowledge on the energy transition through our education and research programs, Open Room, and Zinkers. We make relevant and current information available to society, providing solutions to build a more sustainable world.

Open Room

Open Room

The Repsol Foundation’s digital platform with rigorous and accurate information on the most relevant aspects of the energy transition.



Innovative educational content that introduces students to key topics: energy, climate change, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc.

Cátedra de Transición Energética con la Universidad de Barcelona

University education and research programs

The university should promote rigorous debate on the impact of the energy transition, which has a significant relevance for the future of the world and society.