STEM initiatives

What are STEM disciplines?

STEM refers to the academic areas where scientists and engineers tend to work. 

Innovation is embedded into our DNA. At Repsol, we foster different initiatives that bring us closer to STEM professions in which women are underrepresented. Therefore, the aim is to promote scientific and technological careers among new generations and make the scientific work of women more visible so that girls and young women have role models.

Find out about our initiatives aimed at encouraging children and teenagers to develop an interest in STEM subjects

We believe in innovation and technology as key levers to face our planet's current and future challenges, so we support this and other initiatives in the countries where we operate.

A team of girls with a mentor from the program

Repsol Digital Girls

A program where girls get to develop applications that offer solutions to different problems.

woman working in a laboratory

Fundación Carolina

Repsol Foundation initiative for Latin American women who wish to pursue STEM studies in Spain.