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People: Repsol's essence

A flexible and committed team

The people on our team represent our prime competitive advantage and guarantee the company's future. A flexible and committed team comprising over 25,000 employees, united by a shared vision and values.

Flexibility is one of our company's core values, as it enables us to adapt and respond effectively to the changing needs of our environment.
We are committed to our work and society, respecting the environment and looking for energy solutions that will lead to a better future. Sustainable, safe, and efficient energy based on a commitment to sustainability.
Our employees' talent is key for us to tackle new challenges. A team of professionals that refuses to conform to the status quo and works toward a better future, improving people's well-being. This is why we are committed to innovation as a driver of change.
Repsol encourages team work and collaboration to achieve a common purpose, which in turn fosters innovation and allows different perspectives to emerge.
In their everyday work, our employees use their initiative, taking responsibility for every decision they make. This attitude enables them to take on the challenges faced by the company with an innovative and transformative mentality.
Committed people

A flexible and committed team

Over 25,000 people working across 37 countries to develop sustainable energy solutions.
Our organizational chart

Our leaders

Our executive team works with an eye to the future, inspiring our team to achieve the company's objectives in a sustainable way.