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Close-up of an orange and a gray inside out umbrella shaped canopy at a Repsol service station
  • Present throughout the journey of energy, from beginning to end

    We seek, produce, transform, and market the energy necessary to meet current and future energy demands. 

  • Integrated business model

    Our model is based on being an integrated company that is present throughout the entire energy value chain. Our strength and a diverse portfolio allow us to be flexible and to adapt to new energy challenges.
An upstream base at dusk


We use our own technology to explore the subsoil in order to find and produce petroleum and gas sustainably.
A worker wearing a helmet observing an industrial complex at night


We carry out research and use cutting-edge technology to offer the best energy products and solutions.

Projects we take pride in

Close-up of a hand pressing on the nozzle to fill up a gas tank at a Repsol service station in Mexico

Now also in Mexico

Shot of an offshore oil rig in Norway

Challenge overcome successfully

A father and his child looking out the window of a car that runs on Repsol Autogas

Repsol AutoGas

A scientist showing another researcher a blue solution in a graduated flask in a chemistry lab

Chemicals and you

Shot of a gas flare stack from below against a clear blue sky


We act responsibly, going above and beyond our commitments by using only the necessary resources and reducing our effect on the environment to a minimum.
A scientist in a lab looking at a document


We look for ideas and develop them to find new ways to generate more sustainable energy and transform it more efficiently.