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We are a global multi-energy provider. We strive to drive the evolution towards a decarbonization energy model, and with this ambition in mind we have set ourselves the goal of reaching a net zero emissions company by 2050.

At Repsol, we are present throughout the energy value chain.

Integrated business model

We have an integrated business model that ranges from oil and gas exploration and production to the commercialization of energy solutions for the home and mobility.

We develop our activity through four main business lines.

  • Repsol today  24,000+  employees 
  • Presence in  +20  countries We sell our products in  +90  countries 
  • 24  million
  • 1.35  electricity and
    gas customers
  • CO2   
    reduced by 
    6.1  million metric tons  between 2006 and 2021
  • Upstream, industry and renewables 
  • 572,000 boe /d  average production Projects in  15 countries in key geographic areas 
  • industrial
    in Spain, Portugal, and Peru  1 million+ bbl /d  refining capacity
  • Projects in Spain,
    Chile and USA 
    1.5  GW in operation in Spain
    and Chile 
  • Innovation and technology 
  • Innovation and technology
  • 370+  digital  transformation  initiatives
  • 270+  circular  economy  initiatives
  • Repsol Tech Lab  200+  research  alliances  globally
  • Mobility 
  • +4,600  service  stations  in Spain,  Portugal, Peru  and Mexico. 
  • AutoGas  +400  supply points  at service stations
  • 370+  public electric
    charging points
  • Leaders in LGP  in Spain with 4 million
Offshore oil rig


Our Upstream business encompasses the company's oil and natural gas exploration and production activities, which are always carried out following the strictest sustainability and safety criteria. Its activities include the business's entire value chain, from exploration to the commercial use of resources.



We are leaders in Europe due to our high competitiveness and the quality of our assets in the industrial business. We have one of the most efficient refining systems on the continent, which transforms crude oil and various alternative raw materials into value-added products.In the field of Chemicals, we are committed to more efficient industrial processes geared towards the circular economy.

Repsol employee waits while a customer pays with the Waylet app


For Repsol, the customer is at the center of our strategy, which is why our objective is to meet all consumer energy needs, at home or on the move. We are increasing the presence of low-emission energies in our product and service portfolio, while relying on digitalization for the development of new commercial products and channels that will help us build a more personalized relationship with our customers.

Windfloat offshore wind platform

Low-emissions businesses

The low-emissions generation business is one of the pillars of our strategy to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050. We have 12 hydropower plants, 2 combined gas cycles, and 1 wind farm; and we are developing five renewable projects: two wind and three solar. We plan to continue our international expansion to become a global operator, with a generation capacity of 7.5 GW by 2025 and 15 GW by 2030.

Illustration of a city

The energy you need at all times


We have solar , hydraulic, wind, and offshore wind power projects.


We can help you make your home or business more energy efficient.


We promote shared mobility through projects like Wible.

For everyone

We produce the energy you choose for any of your mobility needs.