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Let's make energy better
  • Present across the entire oil and gas value chain

    As an energy company with an integrated business model, we are present in every link of the hydrocarbon value chain: Exploration & Production, Refining, Chemicals, and Marketing.

A balanced company

We perform our operations with one of the most efficient refining systems in Europe, focusing on areas with great energy potential. We specialize in differentiated, high-quality products, and the integration of our Upstream and Downstream businesses enables us to offer the best energy solutions to society and our planet as a whole.
  • Upstream


    Repsol boasts a balanced, high-quality portfolio that allows us to be present in the areas of greatest energy wealth around the world. In addition, our robustness and strength have enabled us to become world leaders in the exploration and production sector. The most relevant geographic areas for Repsol's Upstream are located in North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.
  • Downstream


    We specialize in differentiated, high-quality products that improve our quality of life. Through a series of physical and chemical processes, we transform raw materials into products with high added value. In line with our efficient and integrated model, we go beyond merely refining oil and also produce and market other derivatives.
  • Emerging businesses

    Emerging businesses

    At Repsol, we are aware of the importance of innovation for the emergence of other safer, more efficient, and more sustainable energies. We therefore invest in projects with great potential for development that could speed up our efforts to achieve an energy model with lower emissions.

Projects we take pride in

A core element of our commitment to society and sustainable development is our vision of a more diversified future of energy. To this end, we promote initiatives that enable us to create business opportunities and further develop the company's strategy beyond its traditional businesses.

Marcellus Shale Gas
La Pampilla
Kinabalu. Últimas tecnologías para campos maduros

Mature offshore fields using state-of-the-art technology

Kinabalu is a mature offshore field located in the Malaysian Sabah basin. Given the advanced maturity of this asset, the production process requires an added technological effort. Repsol’s innovative technologies have made it possible to identify new opportunities in this reservoir.
Campo Marcellus Shale Gas

A new challenge for Upstream

Marcellus Shale was one of the first unconventional fields to be added to Repsol’s asset portfolio. Due to the extraction technique required for this type of asset, it marked a significant challenge for the company's Upstream team.
Tubos en el campo del proyecto Margarita-Huacaya

The field with the highest production yield in Bolivia

The Margarita-Huacaya project is the field with the highest output in the history Bolivia. It’s one of the key projects in Repsol's portfolio, and a series of new technologies have enabled us to reach huge output volumes.
Vista general de la refinería La Pampilla

At the forefront of Peruvian refining

For Repsol, it is essential to always back the most efficient and modern facilities and production processes in the sector. A good example of this is the RLP-21 project, focused on constructing new plants to adapt our facilities to new fuel specifications for more environmentally friendly operations.
Imaz estrecha la mano a un directivo del Grupo Kuo

Bolstering our lead in the global synthetic rubber industry

Repsol and the KUO Group have strengthened their joint venture Dynasol, turning it into one of the leading companies in the synthetic rubber market and placing it among the top 10 companies in this sector worldwide.
Dos trabajadores conversan en un refinería

The largest next-generation lube base oils plant in Europe

Repsol is committed to establishing alliances with global leading companies such as SK to advance in the manufacturing of more environmentally friendly, cutting-edge products like the lube base oils produced at the ILBOC plant.
Una investigadora manipula una máquina en el laboratorio

Committed to the material of the future

Graphene's properties make it the material of the future, with extraordinary resistance, strength, light weight, and flexibility. Through its stake in companies such as Graphenea, Repsol is supporting research on the potential uses for graphene in the future within the energy sector.

  • Partners and suppliers

Primer plano soga naranja

Alliances that add value

We take on the energy challenges of the future by working together with our partners. We collaborate with major companies such as IBM, Indra, Honda, among others.
Bolas de equilibrio

Our suppliers are part of the team

At Repsol, we ensure that all our suppliers and contractors act in accordance with all the values that govern our behavior.

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