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Connecting the best talent to transform the future of energy

At Repsol, we research and develop technologies that aid in accelerating the energy transition. Our open innovation model allows us to work with the best internal and external talent, while creating more efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Therefore, we forge alliances with a network of startups, research centers, universities, and companies around the world. Because the combination of talent and technological innovation will be key to achieving decarbonization.

All4Zero, the unique industrial technology innovation hub in Spain

We have launched a unique industrial technology innovation hub in Spain, together with ArcelorMittal, Holcim, and Iberia, with the aim of accelerating the development of disruptive technologies in the field of decarbonization and the circular economy.

Fachada del Repsol Technology Lab

Repsol Technology Lab, where our innovation is born

Our company's R&D center

At our technology innovation center is where we nurture scientific talent.

A collaborative model that drives innovation

We build alliances to drive the energy transition by sharing our scientific and technological expertise and co-developing disruptive solutions to transform the energy sector.


alliances with partners around the world to transform the energy sector.


research cases worldwide with our experts at the Repsol Technology Lab.


innovative technological solutions developed.

Success stories

Operators looking at data on screens

From an Idea into Action

This is the philosophy behind our tool for driving innovation. This proof-of-concept (POC) platform is the ideation tool we use at our research center, the Repsol Technology Lab, that enables us to efficiently validate technologies and make decisions before undertaking new technological developments or forging partnerships.

In addition to helping us with our own internal developments, this tool is also a very useful instrument when it comes to validating the proposals and technological solutions that come to us from universities, research centers, startups, or consolidated companies.

As a result of IdeActions, we have been able to promote projects with Finboot-Wattio, to ensure the traceability of fuels; and KATIA, to develop natural language processing technologies, among others.

Viata aérea de Petronor

A technological challenge together with Galp

Repsol and Galp joined forces to launch an open innovation challenge to find disruptive solutions in CO2 capture and use (CCU) technologies as part of both of their strategies to become net zero. More than 70 disruptive technology applications were received as part of the call for proposals, among which the Dioxycle's solution stood out. It was selected as the best initiative for converting CO2 into sustainable fuels, chemicals, and raw materials. The launch of this open innovation challenge underscores the importance of collaboration and combined efforts between large corporations, as it ultimately increases the impact to advance decarbonization.

Different paths to reach the same goal

Learn more about the initiatives that will lead us to revolutionizing the energy sector.