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Wax and paraffin specialties

Process aids

Ayudas de proceso

Process aids are chemical products that, when included in the manufacture and processing of materials, generally polymers, reduce the amount of energy needed to obtain the final product and improve other important aspects such as: output, finish, incorporation of loads and recycled materials, etc.

The end result of including our REDEX products is the improved energy efficiency of the process.


  • Beads in 25 kg sacks and 1,000 kg 'Big Bags'.
The catalogue is divided into two groups according to the materials to be processed:

Processing polyolefins : The products used in the processing of polyolefins generally have external lubrication properties due to their relative incompatibility with polymers, which makes our REDEX© migrate to the outside of the piece being processed, creating a fine lubricating film that will prevent heat loss, improve the surface of the product and increase output. The most common processes are: moulding, film, blow, extrusion and injection.

The process aids most suitable for this application are:

REDEX A - Product based on macrocrystalline waxes

REDEX M - Product based on microcrystalline waxes

REDEX P - Polyethylene wax with a high melting point

REDEX S - Product made from fatty amides, used with PVC

REDEX 2 - Product based on zinc stearates, internal lubrication

Rubber processing For rubber processing it is important to have products that reduce the internal viscosity of the mixture in order to improve processing and increase the compatibility of the components. Additionally, including large quantities of mineral loads in the final formulations is favoured by the use of our REDEX, without affecting the final properties of the rubbers. The most common processes are: moulding, film, blow, extrusion and injection.

The range of products suitable for this application is:

REDEX 2 - Product based on zinc stearates

REDEX SP-2 - Product based on zinc stearates, suitable for compounds with high loads

REDEX 16 - Product based on calcium stearates, with a high dispersant capacity

REDEX 16M - Complex mixture of fatty acids and amides free of metallic salts

REDEX 21 - Product based on calcium stearates

REDEX 22 - Complex mixture of fatty acids.

REDEX R4 - Indicated as peptiser, based on aromatic resins

These products can be found in the cable, container and packaging, rubber, and chemicals industries.

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