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Wax and paraffin specialties

Anti-ozone waxes

Ceras antiozonantes

Repsol offers a wide range of anti-ozonant waxes under the REDEZON® brand, aimed at the rubber industry (tyres, technical rubber and footwear).

These products are specially designed to prevent ozone damage to unsaturated rubber parts under static conditions such as storage, preventing the appearance of cracks and ageing in the final product.

We design and produce made-to-measure products, selecting the appropriate wax according to the client's specific operating conditions, and leveraging the knowledge and experience that we have acquired through more than 20 years in manufacturing and sales worldwide. We are approved by the biggest tyre manufacturers.

The selection of a wax with the appropriate hydrocarbon distribution, molecular weight and structure guarantees that the wax will progressively migrate into the rubber at an appropriate speed.


  • Beads in paper/plastic bags of 25 kg or in big bags of 1,000 kg
  • 5 kg blocks
These waxes are specially designed for use in the rubber industry.

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