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General use waxes and paraffins

Polyethylene waxes

Ceras polietilénicas

Polyethylene waxes from RLESA, obtained in the process of manufacturing HDPE, with an essentially linear structure, a high melting point and low viscosity, suitable for many industrial applications.

It is included in the positive list of monomers authorised by Directive 2002/72/EC (ref. no. 1690) and complies with FDA regulation 21CFR 172.886. It may therefore be used in products intended for direct contact with food, as raw material for hot melt, glues, etc.


  • Hot melt (increasing the solidification point of adhesives without increasing the viscosity of the mixture, improving the behaviour of hot melts at high temperatures)
  • Dispersing loads and pigments (masterbatch)
  • Coating paper (improving gloss and flexibility, achieving high-quality finishes)
  • Process aids to make mixtures of rubber and PVC, among others, more processable
  • Manufacturing inks and toners
  • Additives in paraffin mixtures
  • Products for filling cables
  • Additives for asphalts
  • Emulsions
  • Textile
  • Polishes
  • Candles (providing increased hardness and thermal resistance)


  • Bulk in blocks
  • Beads in 25 kg sacks
  • Powder in 500 kg 'Big Bags'
These products can be found in the cableconstructioncontainer and packagingchemicals, textile, ink, and candle industries.

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