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General use waxes and paraffins

Refined paraffins

Parafinas refinadas
Repsol sells a wide variety of refined paraffins (hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated) which undergo a specific purification process that reduces their oil content to under 1% by weight. These paraffins are marketed to sectors such as candle manufacturing, hot melt, the textile industry and agricultural grafting, to name just a few. Repsol also has a range of refined paraffins called FDA Paraffins for applications that can come into contact with food, such as paper and paperboard coatings and drinking water distribution systems.
These products can be found in the agriculturecable, construction, container and packagingchemicalstextile, and candle industries.

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Ceras polietilénicas

Polyethylene waxes

Our polyethylene waxes are characterized by their high melting point and low viscosity, suitable for many industrial applications.
Varias ceras rosas

Semi-refined paraffins

Repsol markets a wide variety of non-hydrogenated semi-refined paraffins.


The Ryfert product series is a range of solid and liquid products whose main function is to prevent the formation of dust.