Our circular economy strategy

A plan that transcends borders

We implement circular economy in all the countries where we operate and throughout our entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to commercializing our products and services. 

We have more than 300 circular projects and over 220 strategic partners, organizations, and institutions with whom we develop circular initiatives and build important synergies to accelerate their implementation. 

Our circular economy strategy was approved in 2016 and is incorporated within our company's key lines of action, reinforcing our sustainability strategy and our commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Circular economy in numbers


circular initiatives

developed by our business units and Repsol Technology Lab.


strategic partnerships

across our entire value chain.


circular projects

developed with strategic partners.

Our ambition


million tonne capacity

of renewable fuel production, of which 65% will be produced from waste by 2030


is the year

when the equivalent of 20% of our polyolefin production will be recycled

Committed to circular economy from the beginning

In 2015, the European Commission put forward its first series of measures regarding circular economy. Since then, our commitment has continued to respond to the challenges posed by national and international organizations, always trying to stay one step ahead.

    • 2015
      • The United Nations presents the Sustainable Development Goals.

      • The European Commission puts forward its first circular economy package.

    • 2016
      • We launch our circular economy strategy.

    • 2017
      • We become one of the first companies to adhere to the Spanish Government's "Pact for a Circular Economy".

    • 2018
      • We join the Plastics Europe's voluntary commitment "Plastics 2030".

      • We create a specific committee focused on circular economy.

      • The Spanish Government presents a draft of the circular economy strategy "España Circular 2030".

    • 2019
      • We launch Repsol´s circular economy action plan for 2019-2022.

      • We are the first company in the sector to commit to Zero Net CO2 Emissions by 2050.

      • The European Commission launches the "European Green Deal" with the aim of making EU carbon neutral by 2050.

    • 2020
      • We joined UNE-ISO CTN 323 standardization committee for the development of guides and lines of action in the field of circular economy.

      • Presentation of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan where Circular Economy appears as a lever in the Company's decarbonization process.

      • The European Commission launches the new "Circular Economy Action Plan" and the Government of Spain approves the circular economy strategy "España Circular 2030".

      • MITERD publishes the I Catalogue of Good Practices in circular economy, including 4 of Repsol's projects.

    • 2021
      • We have more than 270 circular initiatives in our operated assets.

      • Revision of the Company's circular economy strategy to align it with the "European Green Deal" and the Spanish Circular Strategy "España Circular 2030".

      • We participate in the CEOE initiative Circular Economy Projects Catalogue.

      • MITERD publishes the II Catalogue of Good Practices in Circular Economy including Repsol’s projects.

    • 2022
      • We obtain the "100% Circular Strategy“ voluntary certification granted by AENOR which endorses our commitment to circular economy and sustainability.

      • Fundación Repsol and the University of the Basque Country launch the Energy Transition Classroom focused on the role of circular economy in the industry's value chain.

      • The Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge launches the Recovery and Economic Transformation Strategic Projects of Circular Economy (PERTE), focused on plastics and capital equipment for the renewable energy industry.

      • The Government of Spain approved the 7/2022 Law, of April 8th, on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy.