Reusing equipment and materials in exploration and production operations

Oil rig

A second life for our equipment

At Repsol, we seek alternatives to extend the useful life of our equipment and materials, by reusing them in our own exploration and production operations as well as those of other companies. Moreover, we reuse third-party equipment and give it a second life at our facilities.

Ultimately, this makes it possible to extend the useful life of equipment and materials, while reducing the need to manufacture new equipment. This brings about significant benefits as it reduces the amount of virgin feedstock consumed and reduces our environmental footprint.

Examples of projects we are undertaking:

  • In 2022, the decommissioning of the Gyda rig was completed, a giant in the North Sea (Norway), delivering 18,400 tonnes of the topside and 11,500 tonnes of the jacket for recycling.
  • Progress is currently being made with the Casablanca rig (Spain) decommissioning plan, incorporating circular economy criteria.
  • In E&P operations in the USA, initiatives are being carried out for the reuse of valves, process equipment, control instrumentation, and solar panels from facilities that are taken out of service for use in new developments by Repsol or other nearby operators.
Transportando equipos con grúa

Classification by key lines and value chain

Our circular economy projects are aligned with the key lines of our strategy and are present throughout our entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to commercializing products and services.

Classification by key lines and value chain