Advisory Committee FAQs

No. Committee members are volunteers.However, Repsol will manage and cover the costs for Committee members to travel from their normal place of residence to locations of meetings or corporate events to which they have been invited. When necessary, Repsol will also cover accommodation costs.

The committee will meet in the location indicated in the call. Generally, meetings are held at the company headquarters on calle Méndez Álvaro, 44 in Madrid.

The committee usually meets four (4) times a year.

Yes. Nevertheless, if there is a valid reason that a member is unable to attend, he or she may be represented by another member, who must be duly instructed on the positions to be adopted in the name of the absent member regarding the issues the Committee has taken under consideration.

Yes. Members attending committee meetings may represent no more than one other member. In other words, each member can only represent one other member.

Elected members can renew their membership only once.

You will need a document, certificate, or receipt from the financial institution holding your securities account which states, at the very least, the name of the owner, the number or shares, the corresponding share account, and the date. In addition, in the event of any royalties or other charges on the shares, these must be shown in the document.

The documentation that accredits the ownership of the shares submitted by the shareholder for his or her participation in this process will be used strictly and exclusively for this purpose. Its submission will have no impact on the legal relations with the Company resulting from the condition as a shareholder, nor will it constitute the shareholder's exercise of any of the rights established in the regulations in force.

Yes. Members must maintain ownership of a minimum of 1,000 Repsol shares for the entirety of their membership.

Yes, under the condition that there are never less than 1,000 Repsol shares in your portfolio.

Repsol will appoint the Secretary of the Committee, who may or may not be a member of the Committee.

Not necessarily. Repsol may publish reports and minutes on issues addressed by the Committee on its website, in Shareholders Community section, or by any other means it deems appropriate.

Yes. Before joining the Committee, the elected members make a commitment to keep any confidential information in strict confidence and agree not disclose any confidential information they have access to during their membership. This duty will remain in force for five (5) years following the end of their membership.

The Suggestions Mailbox serves as a communication channel between shareholders and members of the Advisory Committee. Shareholders can use it to communicate their comments, suggestions, or concerns to elected members.

Yes, under the condition that you meet the requirements established in the regulations to become a Committee member.

Committee members will be selected from those applicants who have submitted valid applications before the deadline indicated in the call. When selecting Committee members, Repsol's aim is to ensure that the Committee reflects the diversity of its shareholder base as much as possible.