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We open the path for certified circular polyolefins market

We achieved yet another important milestone in our commitment to boost the circular economy. We are one of the pioneering companies worldwide in the production of certified circular polyolefins, which use plastic waste as raw material.
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In 2015, we were able to experimentally reintroduce oil from chemical recycling of plastic waste, not suited for conventional mechanical recycling, on an industrial scale in our Puertollano complex. We have already started the certification of all our polyolefin production centers, having obtained the first ISCC PLUS certification for our Puertollano complex. This certification applies to the first tons of circular polyethylene and polypropylene already commercially available to our European customers. These certified materials guarantee the traceability of plastic waste used as raw material and, at the same time, offer the same quality and functionality as virgin polyolefins, enabling applications with high cleanliness and safety requirements, ideal for food packaging.

Once again, we are committed to innovation, to the excellence of our processes and collaboration with third parties, to anticipate offering pioneering products. In this way, we help our customers meet consumers' demand for more sustainable products and to promote the transition to a new circular economy.