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We develop a complete phthalate-free polypropylene range

Our range of phthalate-free polypropylene (PP) has been progressively expanded following the announcement of our commitment, in November 2015, to eliminate phthalates from all our products. With this milestone, we have become one of the companies leading this change in the market.
Press release
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We started our commitment to offering the market a range of phthalate-free PP in 2009 through collaborations with clients in hygienic nonwoven fabric applications, leaders in the “personal care” sector.

The experience previously acquired allows us to extend the use of phthalate-free catalysts to all our processes to respond to the consumer market's general trend. These products are already an indispensable requirement in numerous applications for our customers, leaders in the hygiene, and food sectors.

We have collaborated with our clients during the development of these degrees to ensure that this transition does not impact the conversion processes for their different applications.

This represents a new advance in our Naturep project, which, anticipating society's needs, seeks to eliminate substances with a specific migration limit from all products.