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Integrating different abilities

Different abilities

The launch of the project to integrate people with disabilities at Repsol is part of our commitment to equal opportunities and aims to identify talent, improve people’s quality of life, facilitate integration, and break down barriers that prevent the full integration of people with different abilities.

Diverse Talent

Diverse Talent is the reflection of our progress from 2009 up to now. From a global perspective, this project deals with the progress we have made in prevention and accessibility and the evolution of our business culture in line with our company values. It is divided into five parts:
Repsol's program to include people with disabilities.
Disabilities: from integration to inclusion.
Universal accessibility: a business strategy and value.
Responsibility and values: going further than legal requirements.
Evaluation of the program and future challenges: reflection to keep moving forward.


Diverse Talent
Accessible Service Stations Guide
Overcoming Barriers Guide
From Words to Actions
Disabilities. An employee in a wheelchair moving down a corridor

Diverse Talent

Paper that incorporates the progress of the program to incorporate people with disabilities from a global perspective in all businesses and countries. Created in collaboration with ILUNION.
Disabilities. A person in a wheelchair entering a Repsol service station at a dropped kerb

Accessible Service Stations Guide

A guide that represents another step forward toward a more inclusive society thanks to a network of service stations that are accessible to all - not just disabled drivers, but also disabled people who don't drive but are traveling, or disabled emplopyees.
Disabilities. Close-up of a person climbing the stairs with an orthopedic leg

Overcoming Barriers Guide

A guide that includes all the basic information for the teams, managers, collaborators, and colleagues of people with disabilities to facilitate their inclusion in the company.
Close-up of a hand on a wheelchair. From Words to Actions white paper.

From words to actions

The white paper on the integration of people with disabilities "From Words to Actions" brings together the lessons learned and mechanisms implemented in the company in terms of hiring people with disabilities in Spain.
  • Combining our energies for professional development

    "Sumando Energía" is a program that aims to help people with disabilities complete higher education studies and find quality employment with professional scholarships so that current or recent bachelor’s graduates with a certified disability can complete their internships at our Company.
    Combining our energies. A child holding a lit sparkler.
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Repsol employees in the field

Enriching diversity

At Repsol, we work to guarantee diversity in terms of age, culture, professional profile, and abilities, as we believe that it leads to different and innovative ideas and perspectives.
Two Repsol service station employees with disabilities

Strategic partnerships

We have worked with Fundación ONCE since 2006 through Inserta Enpleo, an entity that promotes the training of people with disabilities and helps them access the job market.