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Climate change

Low-carbon businesses

Low-carbon businesses

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We are a global multienergy provider working to drive the evolution towards a new energy model that's more efficient and sustainable.

Our low-emissions projects

With the aim to reduce our carbon intensity indicator, we have continued to implement energy efficiency measures and increased our participation in renewable energy projects.

  • More than 20 years incorporating biofuels into our motor fuels

    The porcentage of biofuels physically incorporated into our gasolines and diesels in 2019 is higher than the minimum limits established by the current regulatory requirements.
Close-up of a lab technician's hands handling a biofuel

We reached a record high incorporation of biofuels (1.5 million m3), and advanced biofuels produced using waste products from industrial and domestic processes are beginning to be used to develop the fuels we market. This line of work has accomplished mitigating 2.8 Mt of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The use of advanced biofuels can lead to savings in emissions of up to 90% in comparison to other motor fuels. By 2030 and with the help of the circular economy, our objective is to increase the production of high-quality biofuels derived from vegetable oil (HVO) by up to 600,000 tons, half of which will be made from waste before 2025.