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What is offshore wind energy?

Wind energy at sea


What is offshore wind power all about?

Offshore wind energy is generated by grouping windmills or wind turbines floating in the sea.

One of the major advantages of this type of wind energy is that it floats in the sea, so it ensures more stable wind speeds, while avoiding any possible obstacles. Ultimately, It's renewable energy generated from the wind that's environmentally friendly, 

How does wind energy work?

  1. Wind turbines harness wind power. The wind doesn't encounter any obstacles and reaches constant, high speeds, while producing large amounts of renewable energy.
  2. The force of the wind spins the blades of the turbine and converts kinetic energy into electricity, which is transferred through underwater cables to the coast.
  3. Once there, the electricity goes through an electrical substation where it is transformed and then transported by electric lines to homes, businesses, hospitals, and more.

What is the environmental impact of an offshore wind farm?

Windfloat platform

What does offshore wind energy consist of?

The installation of an offshore wind farm must undergo certain processes to carry out the project. These processes are of vital importance as they show the feasibility of the project. The required processes are: a positive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and above all, a study on the compatibility of the project with other uses of the maritime space.

In order to complete these processes, a series of very rigorous and exhaustive studies in the area must be carried out during the years prior to the project. This study must contain information regarding the compatibility of the wind farm with the surroundings and the environment. Marine life, migration and navigation routes in the area, transportation of sediment, among others, must be taken into account. This study is mandatory in order to start the project. However, it must continue to be carried out during the construction and operation phases.

The main goal of this study is to truly protect the environment of the area to be developed. In order to really achieve clean energy, we must make sure that don't damage or pollute the environment during this process.

What are we doing in the offshore wind energy field?

Discover WindFloat Atlantic

It's the the first semi-submersible floating wind farm in the world and belongs to the WindPlus consortium, comprising EDP, Renováveis, Engie, Repsol, and Principle Power. It features innovative technology that makes it possible to harness offshore wind energy. Find out about this pioneering project.

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