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Our circular economy projects

Repsol Solmatch

Repsol Solmatch: Shared renewable energy

Solar panels on a rooftop

Repsol Solmatch is a new service based on a 100% renewable energy model through which we're paving the way for distributed or decentralized electricity generation in Spain. With this project, we are bringing renewable power generation to the point of consumption by designing solar communities in urban centers.

This system produces energy through solar panels installed on privately-owned roofs in an area so that nearby homes can connect to them and enjoy 100% renewable energy. As such, we are promoting new responsible consumption and production circular models, while we drive the use of more efficient and cleaner energy sources.

The Repsol solar communities generate power using solar panels installed on the roofs of a building (Roofers) so that homes (Matchers), located at a maximum distance of 500 meters, can connect to them and benefit from 100% local renewable energy.

Circular benefits

This circular initiative reduces CO2 emissions given that the energy generated is 100% renewable. It also optimizes resources as fewer individual installations are required, and therefore less raw materials are used.

Our goal

With Repsol Solmatch, the first major solar community in Spain, our goal is to set up 70 solar communities in the country in 2020.

Repsol Solmatch in figures

  • 71 


    With Repsol Solmatch, you can connect to urban solar communities near you.
  • 6,200 


    More than 6,200 homes have the possibility to consume 100% renewable energy.
  • 1,310 

    Tons of CO2 avoided

    Altogether, the communities contribute to reducing over 1,310 tons of CO2 every year.

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