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Rewofuel: Biofuels from residual soft-wood

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Rewofuel is a European Union project that aims to demonstrate the technical, environmental, and socioeconomic viability of transforming residual soft-wood into biofuels through the process of hydrolysis.

Rewofuel is within the framework of the EU's Horizon 2020 program, which is set to last for three years. The project has 11 European partners, which include some of the most innovative businesses and technology centers in Europe.

The project consists of the conceptual design of a biorefinery that converts residual soft-wood into biofuels through a multi-step transformation process.

The biofuels obtained are derived from the compound bio-isobutanol, a direct alternative to the same compound which is derived from fossil fuels. In addition, a series of co-products are obtained that may have energy applications, like lignin and biogas, or may be used to formulate bitumen, animal feed, or organic fertilizers.

Our Repsol Technology Lab plays a leading role in this project by evaluating and guaranteeing the incorporation of the obtained biofuels into formulas for gasoline and jet fuel (aviation fuel).

We take care of characterizing the obtained compounds, incorporating them into the final formulas, and verifying that these formulas comply with all necessary market requirements.

Circular advantages

If the project achieves expected success, the first biorefinery of this type would result in a CO2 reduction of 510,000 tons per year, a milestone in environmental sustainability.

  • This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program  through the grant agreement no. 792104. This publication only reflects the points of view of the author, and the INEA is not responsible for information contained herein.

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