Bottles from plastic waste

Repsol Master lubricant bottle

Ecodesign and sustainability

We apply circular economy principles throughout the entire production cycle and our value chain, from the source to the commercialization of our products and services.

Through ecodesign, we incorporate circular criteria from the earliest phases, such as the conceptualization of our products, to extend their useful life and be able to recycle their components once they reach their end-of-life, including bottles.

More sustainable bottles

We are developing various initiatives associated with the incorporation of plastic waste to produce new bottles in a more sustainable way. To that end, we collaborate with suppliers and clients on many occasions. By introducing plastic waste material, we are diminishing the amount of virgin feedstock used as well as our carbon footprint.

In our Lubricants business unit, bottles have been designed with a layer of recycled plastic material comprising up to 30% of the material used to produce it. Also, in addition to featuring the same performance and quality needed to ensure their required functionality, these bottles are 100% recyclable.

Scientist placing plastic bottles in a machine

Classification by key lines and value chain

Our circular economy projects are aligned with the key lines of our strategy and are present throughout our entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to commercializing products and services.

Classification by key lines and value chain