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Solidarity in action

At Repsol, we are committed to building a better world for all. That is where More than Words comes in: an initiative to back and fund our shareholders’ projects that strive to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups in society, boost social integration, and meet the delicate needs of specific groups.

A project for a better world

Get the scoop on the latest edition of 'More than Words' that concluded on July 31st. Repsol Foundation will be selecting two social projects to support with €10,000.
  • Sixth edition of More than Words

    Thanks to everybody for your social project proposals. The two winning projects of the sixth edition of More than Words are:
  • Rebuilding lives

    Fundación Tengo Hogar (I've Got a Home Foundation) works to help people who are struggling due to the economic crisis in Spain. Jorge Fernández, a Repsol shareholder and volunteer at the foundation, submitted this project to More than words, a Repsol Foundation initiative.

    Thanks to More than Words, the foundation will be able to offer adult training courses in technology and social networks, while also organizing activities with animals for kids and providing resources for childcare. It's a great way to help people get back on their feet.

  • Helping orphans in Ethiopia

    Fundación Pablo Hortsmann works in the most disadvantaged parts of the world to make sure every vulnerable child has access to medical care, healthy meals, and the appropriate education.

    Repsol shareholder, Luis Barallat, presented More than Words with the foundation’s assistance program for orphans at extreme risk in Meki, Ethiopia. Repsol Foundation will help improve the living conditions of orphaned children in Meki.

Previous editions

  • The two winning projects of the fifth edition of More than words are:

    • The Hazbide Association and Javier López Amigo through the Artizar Project, which helps promote the social integration of children and young people by encouraging them to progress and grow through activities and exercises developed by the association itself.

    Thanks to Fundación Repsol and the More than Words project, Artizar will organize a number of rural summer camps this year for children in Sestao, Bilbao.

    If you would like to learn more about this project, find out more here.

    • Javier Anitua Echevarría at the Prodis Association in Madrid, working on the New Paths Project (Proyecto Nuevos Caminos) aimed at fostering the active inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

    Thanks to the occupational center that was created, 10 programs have been developed to provide professional training to those who seek it at the Association.

    With the help of Fundación Repsol through its More than words projects, the Prodis Association houses a specialized teaching staff that runs these programs.

    If you would like to learn more about the Prodis Association, find out more here.

  • These are the three winning projects of the latest edition of More than Words:

    • Therapeutic treatments in summer

    Our shareholder Rosa María Rizo Solanas proposed an initiative so that children with cerebral palsy in Tarragona can continue their therapeutic treatment during the summer break, thanks to APPC 

    (Associació Provincial de Paralisi Cerebral or Provincial Association for Cerebral Palsy) , which will also organize a program of fun activities over the summer.

    You can find more information here.

    • Tools for Cri du chat syndrome

    With the help of Viviana Alonso Bonilla and Asimaga (Asociación Nacional de Afectados por el Síndrome del Maullido del Gato or National Association for Sufferers of Cri du Chat syndrome), this proposal titled “With the right tools…I can communicate, too”was among the winners. It aims to provide the necessary means of communication to those suffering from this rare illness.

    If you would like to find out more about Asimaga, click here.

    • Supporting the children of Mozambique

    The Fundación Mozambique Sur (South Mozambique Foundation), María Josefa Gutiérrez-Cañas Mateo, and José Manuel Hoyos de los Ríos successfully presented this initiative, titled “Supporting children in difficult circumstances in the south of Mozambique,” which works to guarantee and safeguard the healthy development and education of children in the villages of Massaca, Mahanhane, Mahelane, and Changalane.

    For more information on Fundación Mozambique Sur, click here.

  • The winning projects of the third edition are:

    • Autismo Sevilla
    Jesús García Rubio presented Autismo Sevilla, an initiative designed to bring children with disorders on the autism spectrum to summer camps where they can get in touch with nature.

    Here is a video about the project.

    • Spanish Stuttering Foundation

    “Blas, the Little Superhero” is an educational project presented by Faustino Bravo Salazar that tours all the schools in Spain to tell the touching story of Blas, a boy who takes longer than other kids to express himself, but whose words have the power to defeat any villain.

    The objective of this project is to teach children about what it means to stutter, normalize it among classmates, and provide teachers with information to help them identify this condition early on. 

    You can watch the video about this project here.

    • Fundación Amigos de los Mayores

    “Great Neighbors” was the name of the project that came in third place, presented by José Juan Villegas Díaz, promoting neighborly solidarity through informal support for elderly people living alone in big cities. Click here to watch the video.

  • The winners of our second edition of More than Words were:

    • Asociación Salud y Ayuda Mutua (ASAM)

    Thanks to an idea by Mariano González Pardo, the Asociación Salud y Ayuda Mutua (Association of Health of Mutual Assistance) was able to help improve the quality of life of people with severe mental illness within their own social environment and community. Through our shareholder Mariano González Pardo, ASAM was granted aid for its project to improve the quality of life of PSMIs (People with Severe Mental Illness) and their families in their own socio-community environment, through the daily activities carried out at the association’s center. 

    Do you want to know more about the Association? Click here.

    • Fundación Albihar

    Pilar Ruiz Velacoracho supported this project aimed at helping people under 30 to improve their job prospects and social insertion through Fundación Albihar and its excellent cooking course. For more information, click here.

    • Mediterránea ONG

    “Esto es la leche” (literally "This is milk" but also Spanish slang for "This is great") is the funny name given to this initiative by Pedro Eduardo Manrique Pechuan and Mediterránea ONG, which provides milk every day to children between the ages of 0 and 14 living in the Autonomous Region of the Balearic Islands in families that have been hit by the economic crisis and cannot afford to buy even this basic foodstuff. 

    For more information, click here.

  • The first initiatives that we selected and provided with financial aid as part of More than Words were the following:

    • Learning to live together

    This is the project that received the first award from More than Words. It was presented by María Dolores Fernández, grandmother of a boy with autism, through Asociación Aucavi, which seeks to make young autistic people between the ages of 18 and 30 more independent and self-sufficient through temporary flatsharing in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. 

    Do you want to know more? Click here

    • Integration through sport

    Alongside Asociación Bakuva, our shareholder Juan Luis Martínez Ordorica presented this project that sought to enhance values through team sports among children and teenagers at risk of social exclusion in the La Vieja neighborhood of Bilbao. 

    To find out more about this project, click here

    • La Formigueta

    Thanks to Xavier Boi and Fundació María Reventós, this initiative called “La Formigueta” (Little Ant) received our support. The project is aimed at welcoming teenage mothers at the center to teach them about the tools that can help them and their children integrate into society. 

    If you would like more information, click here.