Discounts for Repsol Shareholders

Repsol en Acción, in collaboration with the Repsol Foundation, promotes different cultural events and offers you the chance to visit some of the most important national museums like never before. A rich cultural offering thanks to the Shareholders Community.

Reina Sofia Museum visitor taking a picture of a painting on their phone

Reina Sofía Museum

Picasso, Dalí, and Miró are just a few of the big names whose masterpieces can be found hanging on the walls of the Reina Sofía Museum. The museum contains one of the most important collections of 20th century art in the world.

This museum houses possibly one of the world’s most important painting collections of the 20th century. As a Shareholders Community member, you'll enjoy a discounted membership fee for the Reina Sofía Museum's Association of Friends of€40 during the first year that will give you access to benefits such as:

  • Free entry allowing you to skip the lines
  • Your Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums card that gives you free access to state-run museums managed by the Ministry of Culture
  • Invitation for two to exhibit openings at the museum
  • Possibility of using a private room for Friends at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid
  • Courses, seminars, conferences, concerts, book presentations, and talks with artists
  • Discount at shops, restaurants, and on self-guided tours
  • Tax deductible
Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Are you a fan of contemporary art? If so, now's your chance to become an Friend of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art for a special price: 50% off the MACBA AMIC card, for just €25 when you show your Repsol Shareholders card at the museum. This will give you and one other person access to enjoy:

  • Free entry to the museum as often as you like.
  • Free access for anyone under 18 accompanied by a membership holder.
  • Special conditions on all activities organized by Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art as long as you're a friend of the museum.
  • Priority when signing up for activities.
  • Free access to the MACBA Study and Documentation Center.
  • Exclusive guided tours of temporary exhibitions, the MACBA collection, and the indoor areas of the museum.
  • Encounters with artists and curators, and guided tours of other museums and art centers in the city.
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

If there is a symbol that makes Bilbao renowned the world over, it's the Guggenheim. The building, designed by Frank Gehry and considered a landmark of architecture of the third millennium, houses some of the best art of our time. Through both its permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions, the museum strives to offer the most global and complete vision as possible of the most current and innovative trends.

Prado Museum

Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is one of the most important galleries in the world, full of artistic treasures of universal importance. In collaboration with Fundación Repsol, we are offering every shareholder the chance to become a Friend of the Museum at a fantastic price: €60/year for the cardholder (general public pays €95) and €35/year for family members.

Advantages of being a Friend of the Prado Museum:

  • Free entry with priority access via la Puerta de los Jerónimos 
  • Three invites a year to the permanent and temporary collections 
  • Access to the museum library. Discounts on in-store purchases, refreshments, and audioguides 
  • Free educational workshops. Option to sign up for courses at Casón del Buen Retiro 
  • Free copy of "Todo el Prado" 
  • 75% tax deductible 
Montserrat Abbey

Montserrat Abbey

Visit the spectacular area of the Bages mountains (Barcelona) to witness one of Spain’s most beautiful Benedictine monasteries: the Montserrat Abbey. With Repsol en Acción, you have the chance to discover the secrets of the abbey and the surrounding area through the best guides. You will also enjoy a live performance of the Salve and Vitriol songs sung by the unparalleled voices of the Escolanía boys choir.

Madrid Stock Exchange

Madrid Stock Exchange

If you are a member of our Community, you have the unique opportunity to see for yourself what is hidden behind the doors of this iconic building, which has witnessed the Company grow and prosper since it was floated on the stock exchange in 1989. Completed in 1893, it is an impressive building both from the outside (with its 216 foot façade) and from within (over 35 thousand square feet), and one of the busiest trading rooms in the world.

Barcelona Stock Exchange

Barcelona Stock Exchange

Located in the Gothic Casa Llotja de Mar in the Catalan capital, this building dates back to the Middle Ages. On May 4, 1994, a new electronic trading floor was opened at the Barcelona Stock Exchange, a natural financial meeting point in Barcelona.

Repsol en Acción gives you the opportunity to take a special guided tour of the entire building.

Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona

Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona

Gran Teatre del Liceu is the oldest and most prestigious active theaters in Barcelona and is thought to be one of the most important opera houses in the world.

Now, thanks to Repsol en Acción, you can take an in-depth tour of the theater's foyer, concert hall, and the impressive hall of mirrors.

Cultural events. Palau de la Música Catalana

Palau de la Música Catalana

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the Palau de la Música Catalana concert hall is one of the most beautiful examples of modernist architecture. So much so that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. This impressive building continues to play host to some of the most important names in the world of dance and music of our time.

Cultural events. Casa de América

Casa de América

While legend has it that this palace is home to the ghosts of the first Marquises of Linares, this is one of the best-preserved 19th century buildings in Madrid. Discover its tapestries, glass work, chandeliers, bronze pieces, marble floors, and mosaics on one of the periodic tours we organize for our Shareholder Community. 

We’ll be providing information on upcoming tours soon.

Cultural events. Atapuerca archaeological site and park

Atapuerca archaeological site and park

The caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca represent one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Atapuerca has provided us with 90% of the world’s human fossil collection dating back over 300,000 years.

We invite you as a member of the shareholders’ club to discover and tour one of the largest human evolution sites ever found in Eurasia.

Basque Country Mining Museum

Basque Country Mining Museum

Discover more about this ancient profession thanks to guided tours organized by the Basque Country Mining Museum and the El Pobal Ironworks.

On the tour you'll visit mines, explore the collection of artefacts, tools, machines, and documents that have been collected over the years. You'll also watch a documentary about the profession and go up to La Arboleda village to see the miners' homes and learn about how they lived.