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Ignacio Martín San Vicente

Ignacio Martín San Vicente

  • Independent Non-Executive

Mr. Martín was appointed Director of Repsol by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on May 11, 2018.

Education: Mr. Martín is a graduate of Electrical Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de Navarra.

Experience: He has developed his professional career in several companies, mainly in the industrial sector, such as GKN Automotive International, where he has exercised the positions of Chief Executive Officer, member of the global Executive Committee and CEO, the latter in the United States. Mr. Martín has also been Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of Alcatel España and, after his return to the GKN Driveline Group, in 1999, he was appointed General Manager for Europe, which was GKN's most important region. In 2001, he joined the GSB Group as Executive Vice-President, where he led the merger with Corporación Industrial Egaña, giving rise to CIE Automotive, where he performed the role of CEO until 2012, when he joined Gamesa as Chairman and CEO, until its merger with Siemens Wind Power in May 2017.

Other relevant positions: He currently occupies the position of Director at Bankoa-Credit Agricole, Indra Sistemas, S.A. and Acerinox, S.A.

Board committees: Member of the Delegate Committee.