Repsol in Libya

Libya is the sixth-largest economy in Africa thanks to its oil, which makes up 95% of its total exports. Libya is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and shares borders with Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Egypt.

Repsol’s first exploration and production activities in Libya date back to the early seventies with a focus on our Upstream business. Since then, the success achieved by Repsol in its projects and discoveries have made Libya one of the most outstanding countries for Repsol's growth strategy, and are also making a strong contribution to the development and consolidation of the current and future wealth of the country.

Currently, we carry out operations through our subsidiary Repsol Exploration Murzuq S.A. (REMSA).

Our activity in figures

11 million

barrels of oil

77 million

barrels of oil equivalent in total reserves

4,698 km2

of total surface area

Map of exploration Libya

Main projects

Image of Repsol facilities in Libya


Located in the Murzuq basin, in May of 2003 we began the process of the second phase of exploration on well I1-NC186. We’ve also made a new discovery of light crude in the exploration block located within the prolific Murzuq basin, 800 kilometers south of Tripoli, in the Sahara desert.

We are the operators of this block with a 32% stake, together with the Libyan National Oil Company and three European companies: OMV (Austria), Total (France), and Hydro (Norway).

Image of the Libyan desert

NC 115

In 2003 we discovered well A1-129/02 in this block, with very light, high-quality oil (39° API) in the prolific Murzuq basin, 800 the south of Tripoli. This is the third well made in this block, which covers 4,440 km2 and has proven an excellent level of quality as fossil fuel reserves.

Repsol Exploración Murzuk
Oficinas REMSA - Tower 3,
Dat El Imad Tower Complex
Tripoli, Libya

Updated December 2020.